Former Residence of Deng Xiaoping

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The former residence of Deng Xiaoping is located in Deng Family ancient yard of Paifang Village in Xiexing Town. It is an ordinary tria-dwelling house, covering an area of over 800 square kilometers with 17 rooms of different sizes. This wooden construction is simple and elegant setting off by green trees and bamboos.

The golden inscription of “The Former Residence of Deng Xiaoping” by former Chinese President is hanging on the upper of the front gate. A couplets written by Ma Shitu, a famous writer of Sichuan is hanging on the two sides of the front gate.

The residence exhibits lots of precious photos divided into eight parts: “Revolutionary era” “the period of foundation” “A time of troubles” “New are of initiating” “Foreign affairs” “standing together through thick and thin” “1992 south inspection” “Colorful spices”, which open up the glorious revolutionary experience and matchless achievements of the great man. In the exhibition hall of “affecting with Guang’an ” there are many photos about leaders of China and the party and provincial leaders revering the residence and near one thousand of works about “South Inspection” of painting and calligraphy competition.

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It takes less than half an hour from Guang’an urban district to Guang’an train station and it takes less than one hour to Jiangbei Airport by bus.

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Recommendation Tour Time: Half a day.

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