Guang'an Green Jade Lake

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Green Jade Lake renowned as “West Lake in Eastern Sichuan Province” is surrounded by green mountains and clear waters. Green Jade Lake is famous for green, but one word “green” can’t imply all. Every season in Green Jade Lake has its marvelous scenery and the scenery changes with the season. Ascending the building in the lake in spring, visitors can green waters and blue sky, the long causeway as a belt, pink peach blossoms and verdant willows. Visitors reaching Qinfang Garden in summer can taste tea and drink liquid and listen to the waterfalls fall straightly. In autumn, visitors setting foot on the Jiashan Temple on the small island of the lake can appreciate elegant Yinfeng Tower, integrated Gui Mountain, forceful stele forest. In winter, visitors can taste prose pictures, ancient banyan tree and lonesome and quiet Buddha on Longhua Mountain surrounded by green waters.

Wanghu Building is on the right flank of the dam and the great calligraphers wrote the inscription of “Wanghu Building”. Visitors can appreciate landscape on every floor of this three-floor Wanghu building. The overlapped mountains and every scenic spot are all in view.  

Another scenic spot of Green Jade Lake is three storied Yinfeng Tower. Every floor of the tower opens windows for appreciating the eight beauty spots of Green Jade Lake: long causeway as a jade belt, the moon of Qinfang Garden, inverted image of Yinfeng Tower, Longhua at dusk, quiet lake covering over mist light, Gui Mountain and smoke cloud of Jincheng.

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Take a sightseeing bus in the city to reach.

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The whole day. (Some scenic spots are time limited.)

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Recommedation Tour Time: Half a day.

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