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Huaying Mountain

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The luxuriant Huaying Mountain is abundant with animals and plants. The main plants include 175 families and 665 species, among which over 200 are precious plants and rare medicine herbs and there are over 400 kinds of wild animals among which over 30 are national protection animals. In addition, there are Huaying local products with great reputation since Song Dynasty.

The scenery of Huaying Mountain is graceful and elegant. Visitors can feast eyes on omniform stone forests, ever-changing solution cavities, descending water falls, quiet lakes, jady white rocks, rolling Cloud Sea and supernatural, peculiar Virginia Bright Leaf, historical relics and pagodas. Huaying Mountain is an excellent tourist resort. Li Bai, He Zhizhang, Lu You and other great poets once visited the mountain and left lots of eulogizing poems about it. On June 13,1931, the great contemporary literature writer Guo Moruo visited the mountain and highly praised it as “the grandest mountain in the world”. After the foundation of Republic of China, Marshal Peng Duhuai, Zhao Ziyang, Yang Chengwu, Li Jinquan, Yang Rudai and other country leaders inspected Huaying Mountain. In the late1980s, former Chinese President Li Xiannian, Defense Ministery Zhang Aiping, Chief of the General Staff Hong Xuezhi once gave inscriptions to Huaying Mountain to care about the development and construction of it.

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How to Get There?
Though Huaxing Mountain is located in Guang’an jurisdiction, it is more convenient to reach the tourist attraction from Chengdu and Chongqing. It’s over 300 kilometers from Chengdu and 100 kilometers from Chongqing.

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The whole day.

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Recommendation Tour Time: 1 day.

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