Owned Crane Cave

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Owned Crane Cave tourist attraction is unique and the main scenic spots include one mountain: Double Lions Mountain; five caves: Owned Crane Cave, Caojia Cave, Double Lions Cave, Guanyin Cave and Youjia Cave; two canyons: Wuchagou Canyon, Xiaoyao Canyon. The Owned Crane Cave, covering an area of over 2,000 square meters, is about 20kilometers long with 40 small and large branch caves. The Wuchagou Cave is splendid and it is over 4,000 meters with 10 different waterfalls and 1000 Chinese acres of bamboo groves.

The hall of Owned Crane Cave is especially wonderful with great numbers of various stalactites. Some stalactites are having a party as deities; some are playing flutes as wises; some are playing stringed musical instruments as great musicians. Passing through the hall, there are wonderful landscapes of “the pond for washing hand” “the porch of court music” “the sound of the nature” “the red setting sun” “the magpies gathering on the bridge”, which make impossible for visitors to take in so many landscapes. The largest hall in the cave is more than 500 square meters and the highest point is 69 meters. There are 50 branch caves where winters are warm and summers are cool and four seasons are like spring. There is a special kind of small fish, commonly called “glass fish” in the cave and people can the abdominal organs of the fish. The cave has developed since 1998 and 2.8 kilometers are open to the visitors. The Dragon Palace, the Maze and the World under the Sea are under development.

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Take a dedicated sightseeing bus to reach.

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The whole day.

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Recommendation Tour Time: One day.

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