Xiaoxi Ancient Town

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Xiaoxi ancient town called “LongfengZhou” in the past. When the people of Huguang immigrated to Sichuan province in the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty, some people whose family name is Xiao immigrated here, therefore it was called Xiaojiaxi and Xiaoxi acquired the fame.

The scenic spots and natural landscape in Xiaoxi town are multitudinous. But the most important are ten “ancient” and one “river”. The ten “ancient” are ancient roads, ancient town, ancient bridges, ancient plaques, ancient temples, ancient carved stones, ancient cliff caves, ancient city and ancient graves. The one river refers to the beautiful Qu River.

Riding a ship from Guang’an Garden up the river, when you sock yourself in the enchanting beautiful scenery of the both banks, an antique small town appears in front of you. This is Xiaoxi ancient town-a river cargo port full of characteristics of Ming and Qing Dynasty.  

Xiaoxi ancient town is against steep Moyan Mountain and beside green limpid Qu River. The stone carvings of Moyan Mountain is various in shape and form. An ancient Buddha is at the summit of the mountain and overlooks the torrential Qu River. Some white sails seem to experience completely the world vicissitudes. The bamboos and forests on the both sides of Qu River are verdant and luxuriant. The dishing boats on the river and the songs of fishermen make the small especially tranquil. Entering the small town is like entering an imaginary paradise.

The street, buildings and Buddha in this small town are ancient and the inscribed tablets are also ancient. The stone bridge beside the bamboo and forests draw the outline of the ideal picture of “the bridge, the running water and people”. Revering temples and sacrificing the Buddha, appreciating the fine inscribed tablets and viewing the grandeur stone tomb of Yang Yining built during Guangxi of Qing Dynasty can make you forget to return. 

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The whole day.

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