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Yankou Ancient Town

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Yankou Town was a large land-and-water commercial town in ancient times. It, called Fengshan Town in the past and first built in the Song Dynasty, is an inhabiting place of Hui Minority group with the architecture style of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Yanhou Ancient Town with remarkable Moslem flavor is the second largest inhabiting place of Hui Minority group in Jialing River reaches. The town was built against hills with a total length of 4 miles and an area of about 0.5 square kilometers. 

The town was first built in the Mosque of Ma family in the Qianlong 43rd year of Qing Dynasty and it was rebuilt in the Daoguang 8th. The grand wooden construction is in courtyard layout made up of mountain entrance, the church, side buildings and inside and outside courtyards with Moslam characteristics. The still remaining Mosque of Huang family and Shu Palace was constructed in the Qing Dynasty. The millennium ancient temple Yongshou Temple, directly leading to a bridge, is broad in scale and solemn and respectful. The magnificently decorated building is full of sculptures vivid to life. Ascending the ancient Qingyuan Temple, visitors can enjoy the beautiful Jialing River and the flavor of this ancient town. The statues built in Song Dynasty in Qianfo Crag are vivid and different in thousand ways.  The tome group unearthed under the Qianfo Crag is of extremely high cultural relic value, archaeology value and traveling value.

Yankou ancient town with remarkable Moslem flavor is the second largest inhabiting place of Hui Minority group in Jialing River. An annual festival of slaughtering cattle, visitors can watch the Islam ceremony of slaughtering cattle, taste the dishes full of Hui flavor, and watch the Hui tribe dance. An annual boat cultural festival of Jialing River Basin is rich and colorful including dragon boat race, touring Jialing River in a decorated boat, seizing a live duck with wisdom, art party on Jialing River, fireworks party, fire dragon party, beer night, the photographic exhibition of calligraphy fine arts, commodity sells exhibition and so on to attract multitudinous tourists. Every festival session can attract 100,000 tourists.

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It’s near Huaying Mountain. Visitors can take a bus to Huaying Mountain then reach on foot.

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The whole day.

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Recommendation Tour Time: Half a day

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