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Guangan Travel Guide

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Guangan Overview

Guang’an of Sichuan Province is the hometown of Mr.Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of China's reform, opening and modernization drive. Thanks to the great achievements made by Chinese Reform and Opening Up, Guang’an becomes famous at home and abroad.

Guang’an blessed with beautiful natural scenery is a Holy Land of tourism resource development. Huaying Mountain with a reputation of “The world magnificent mountain” is a provincial level tourist attraction. Among the mountains, Baoding Mountain is one of the eight Buddhism Holy Lands of China. There is a saying from ancient times “Worship Omei Mountain in the west and Worship Baoding Mountain in the east.” The mountains alternate with gullies and there are millennium ancient plank roads built along the cliffs. The main attractions in Guang’an is Tianchi Lake, one of the three large mountainous lakes; omniform geological marvelous stone forests and grotesque and gaudy natural limestone caves. Within the boundary, the Jialing River and Qu River are winding interspersing with brooks and lakes. The beautiful Green Jade Lake of Yuechi County, vast Taiji Lake of Wusheng, the small gorges of Yulin, Dahong Lake of Qiandao and other natural landscape are all within Guang’an jurisdiction.

Zip Code: 0826.

Postal Code: 638000.

Administration: Guang’an District, Yuechi County, Wusheng County, Lingshui County, Huaying City.

Population: 4,271,100.