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Series Products Of Bamboo Curtains

Wusheng County of Sichuan Province is called “the folk culture town of bamboo curtains”. “Feilong” bamboo curtains of Wusheng are made by Ci bamboo of Sichuan Province. Pull the bamboo as slender as a hair by hand and use a silk wire to weave the bamboo curtain. The curtain is thin and glossy. On the bamboo curtain, the local drawing master and needle girls use their talents draw and needle elegant mountains and waters, flowers and birds, portraits, animals and other traditional art pictures.

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Dry Bamboo Shoots Of Huaying Mountain

The dry bamboo shoots are helpful to digesting the food, loosing weight and guarding against cancer and angiocardiopathy. It is regarded as “the guard of intestinal tract” by modern organic scientific research department and regarded as ideal organic foods of the 21st Century.

The Noodles Made From Fern Roots

Frequently having the noodle is helpful to strengthening the spleen and stomach, digesting the food, and brain and longevity. It is helpful to removing dust, detoxification, loosing weight and anti-senilism, so it is a kind of high-level nutrition health food for young and old.

The Mushrooms Of Huaying Mountain

With rich nutrition and fresh taste, the mushrooms also can eliminate blood poison, reduce the cholesterol and guard against cancer. The mushrooms containing protein, Vitamin D and minerals are good for health and lengthening one’s life. The mushrooms are delicious and fragrant.

Yuechi Wine

Yuechi wine is made on the basis of traditional fermentation process of “Qiusao” of Song Dynasty. Yuechi wine are made with modern technology and hundred year old cellar and the main raw materials are sorghum, corn, wheat and glutinous rice. The wine is tasteful with rich fragrance.

Silver Needle Tea Of Huaying Mountain

Huaying Mountain has a temperate climate with sufficient sunlight and the climate changes with the altitude. The history of growing tea in Huaying Mountain is glorious. During the Song Dynasty, an Anbing Prime Minister often drank tea of Huaying Mountain and presented it to the royal government. The silver needle tea of Huaying Mountain is made of early spring shoots with modernized technology. The tea is clear and the , received high praise from vast consumers.

The Fern Of Huaying Mountain

With a reputation of “Longevity Gold Dan”, the fern of Huaying Mountain, containing glutamic acid, aspartic acid and other six kinds of amino acids essential for mankind, can cure viral influenza, improve liver function, prevent the arteriosclerosis and has the function of anti-senilism. The fern, with unique flavor and comfortable tasty, is ideal food for loosing weight, maintaining nutrition balance.


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