Heming (Crane Chirping) Mountain

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Heming Mountain has a steep precipice with elegant and pretty scenery. Thousands stone progression grades begin from mountain foot leading to the top. Wenfeng tower built in the Qing dynasty stands tall and upright on its top with ridges and green pines setting off one another. Among mountains are luxuriant green cypresses. Surrounding "Double Ninth Festival Pavilion", which was built in the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, there is a line of numerous cultural relics and historical sites called "famous scenic spot line for birds viewing by ascending to a height"

The Heming Mountain also named Tazi Mountain or East Mountain, is located in outskirts of Jiange county beside Sichuan-Shaanxi highway. According to the traditional saying, in ancient times cranes often perched and chirped here and founder of Taoism Zhang Ling riding a crane ascended and became an immortal which gave the name to this mountain. In recent years, some scholars think it is the place where Zhang Ling founded the sect of Wu Dou Mi (five fight rice). It also plays a leading role among all famous Taoist scenic spots, called “Taoist City for Immortals". It is also one of the 4 most famous Taoist mountains in China. Poets and literary men in the past dynasties who came here for sightseeing, were all fond of inscribing poems, embedding tablets to express their aspiration and emotion. The three masterpieces are ancient cultural essence created in the Tang Dynast Masterpiece

I: Tablet of《Inscription on Double Ninth Festival Pavilion in Jian Prefecture》by Li Shangyi  Masterpiece

II: 《Ode to Prosperity of Great Tang Dynasty》 Masterpiece

III: Taoist Scripture on Mo Precipice Heming Mountain park has been set up on the mountain.

It has restored pavilions, terraces, and towers with integration of ancient and modern architectural styles. Articles used in sacrificeceremony of Taoism in the Song Dynasty were unearthed in 1962 on this mountain during forestation and reclamation of mountain land. They include copper kettle, copper bottle, copperink box, and the fine product "bean-green china bowl with lotus lines " from Longquan cave in the Song Dynasty which is identified by experts as first-class cultural relic of national level.

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Set off from Chengdu, with 52 + 13-kilometer single trip. Along the expressway Chengdu- Wenjiang River- Chongzhou- Dayi (altogether 52 kilometers), you need one hour or so. After this you pass 12-kilometer road of 2nd grade to get to Anren town where is Heming Mountain right away.

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Recommended time for a visit:Half a Day

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