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Jianmen Pass

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The Jianmen Pass stays in the middle section of Dajian Mountain with cliffs and precipices on both sides shooting into the sky straightly. Ridges and peaks against the sky look like swords.

The precipice breaks and two halves face each other, looking like a door. Therefore, the place is called "Jianmen (sword door)". It was listed among national protected scenic spots by the State Council in 1982.

The lofty Jianmen guards the passage into Sichuan. Due to its steep and strategically important topography, it had been always a strategic point military commanders contended for.

The original ancient city-gate tower was a three-storey embrasure watchtower with angles bent upwards and one horizontal inscribed board hanging in the right middle, reading "the most impregnable pass in the world". On this board on the middlemost of top storey is written "the impregnable pass and natural chasm". Unfortunately, the grand ancient city-gate tower, having gone through thousand years, was totally demolished during building Sichuan-Shaanxi highway in 1935 with only a rectangular stone tablet reading "Jianmen Pass" left. Present tower is an even more splendid ancient-like one restored in 1992 on the basis of the original one.

Jianmen Pass features of grandness, danger, remoteness, elegance, and uniqueness. Besides famous deep and remote canyon, elegant and pretty Cuiyun (green cloud) corridor, monstrous rocks, and peculiar caves, here are many other famous natural scenic spots and historical relic sites.

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How to Get There?
Set off from Chengdu, you should take a bus at Chaojue Temple station to get there. You many choose 1、11、45、63、69、70、83 or 302 in the city to get to Chaojue Temple station Buses at Nan (southern) Station in Guangyuan Departure time: 7:40、8:40 Bus fares: 10.00yuan/person Semi-highway: (get down to Mian-Guang Highway at Jianmen crossing and go through 108 national highway to get there)

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1.With a mild climate and clearly distinguishable seasons, Jianmen Pass, is rich in various products and has an annual average temperature of 14.9 centigrade. Its frost-free season is 270 days long. Annual precipitation reaches 1086.6 millimeters. You can make a tour all year around, with period from March to October being the best season. 2.Recommended time for a visit:three hours

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