Phoenix Attic

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Phoenix Attic is 42 meters tall with 14 storeys. Seen together with Phoenix Mountain as a whole from the distance, it looks like a phoenix looking back. Illuminated brightly deep in the night, the attic is like one golden phoenix on the pavilion.

The construction of phoenix attic began in 1988 and finished in 1989. The main body is armored with reinforced cement with the top covered by glazed tile in golden yellow. Every tier has platform for viewing and admiring, around which are fixed tea-color windows with aluminium frames. On every storey there are paintings and calligraphy works by celebrities in contemporary time. Go upstairs and view the whole city, the entire Guangyuan city is visible before your eyes with old district and new district melting for an integral whole.

Although it was built in modern times, the phoenix attic became known soon. All visitors that arrive at Guangyuan, consider going upstairs for sightseeing as a pleasure. Phoenix Mountain, presently called Mt. "Phoenix Park", was the birthplace of Empress Wu Zetian so in past dynasties many celebrities have come here for a visit. Thus, since Song Dynasty a lot of public officials have opened up landscapes for mansions and gardens. In the Ming Dynasty, there were a series of sceneries including "Cypress Small Room" "Premier Small Room", "Pavilion for Scenery Appreciation" and" Moon Night on Precious Peak". It is a famous park with a long history. After the founding of PRC, a lot of more scenic spots came into being on the mountain. Luxuriant green cypresses conceal many pavilion terraces and towers. Besides, there is also singing and dancing club and amusement park for people. Mt. Phoenix Park, is the best place for you to go upstairs to observe scenery, visit a garden or seek pleasures.

Legend:  "The Phoenix Attic" has something to do with Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty. It is said that when Wu Zetian was born in the 7th year of Tang, during the reign of Emperor Wu De (A.D. 624), one phoenix circled her house and then flew to the eastern mountain. Wu Zetian's father (then governor of Lizhou) changed Eastern Mountain county's name to Mt. Phoenix at once. 14-year-old Wu Zetian has been chosen to enter palace as ladies-in-waiting by Emperor Tai Zong of Tang dynasty. Thus the phoenix attic has 14 storeys with the phoenix head looking back at the south symbolizing Wu Zetian’s missing her hometown. After the death of Emperor Tai Zong of the Tang dynasty, Emperor Gao Zong of the Tang dynasty acceded to the throne . Wu Zetian is in control of affairs of state for 42 years. That’s why phoenix attic is 42 meters high.


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You may take bus route 5 or 6 at Guangyuan Nanhe Station or you may take bus route 2, 3, 5 or 6 in old city district. Taking a taxi will only cost you 4.

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Recommended time for a visit:two hours

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