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Tang Family River Nature Reserve

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Tang Family River Nature Reserve is located at a transition belt between the north of Traverse Mountain chain and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. During the activity of glacier in the 4th ice age, ice cover of large area did not form. Therefore, many antiquated species can be preserved. Nature Reserve of a provincial level was set up in 1978 here and then it was promoted to one of national grade in 1986. Protected objects are mainly forest ecosystem and some precious wild animals including giant pandas, golden monkeys, takins etc. Its total area is 40, 000 hectares, among which are 7000 hectares forest-covered areas.

Reserved area has a tropical monsoon climate, warm moist and with relatively much rainfalls. Forest resource in this area is abundant. Natural landscapes are preserved intact. And vegetation perpendicularity belt is comparatively notable. At the height of 2200-3200 meters grow coniferous and broad leaves mingled forest belt and sub-high mountainous dark coniferous forest belt, which have exuberant trees and bamboos. This makes it a proper place for giant pandas' living and breeding.

In this area, there is a large quantity of giant pandas whose distribution is comparatively concentrated. Most pandas live in forest area with coniferous and broad leaves mingled forest belt and sub-high mountainous dark coniferous forest belt at the height of 1700-3000 meters. This zone is rich in arrow bamboos. In the 70s, bamboos which had died due to blooming were renewed growing over 1 meter high. These provided giant pandas and other rare animals with rich food and fine living environment, making protected giant pandas lead a comfortable life. The second world-famous allocated wild observation station of giant pandas set up by the reserve ------White Panda Ecological Observation Station is established here right away. And meanwhile this is an important transfer station for migrant birds migrating from temperate zone to tropical zone, which is also rare in our country. Thus, Tang Family River Nature Reserve is important in protection, scientific research, education and ecology.

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How to Get There?
1.Start off, up an express highway from Guangyuan, down to Jinzi Mountain and pass Zuyuan town, Liangshui town, Guangzhuang town; and then turn to Zuizi town and Qingxi town to get to nature reserve. You need 3 hours to drive yourself there. 2.Start off from Guangyuan, pass Sandui Dam, Bailong Lake, Muyu town, Qingchuan county (you may enjoy preferential ticket if you put up at a county guesthouse named Jin Xiongmao (gold giant panda) owned by nature reserve), and then turn to Zuizi and Qingxi town to get to Tang Family River. You need 4 hours and a half to drive yourself there.

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1.Tang Family River Nature Reserve combines wild animal viewing, scientific investigation, having leisure, holiday spending, avoiding summer heat, the bivouac, going angling and touring in an integral whole. You may view golden monkeys and giant pandas from December every year to February the next year. During March and April you may view and admire azaleas and from May to August you may enjoy a taste of grasslands on high mountains and see takins. Meanwhile it becomes a good place for avoiding summer heat from July to September. From September till February the next year you can see takins and black bears in the river valley zone. 2.Recommended time for a visit:One day

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