Tiantai Mountain

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Tientai Mountain rises more than 1,500 meters, having one platform on the top. The mountain got this name because it is often in cloud and among mist.

Originally on Tientai Mountain, a Taoist architecture named "Tientai Taoist Temple" was built during Emperor Qianlong's reign. But it no longer exists now. A few years ago, "Tientai Cabinet" was newly built, where tourists may doze. In 1992, with donations from other temples, another temple was built along the slope of mountain. It is managed by monks, which becomes another new interesting tourist spot.

On Tientai Mountain, there are ten thousands mu dense and luxuriant forests. Gale coming you can hear its crazy whistling among pines. The burning sun hangs in the sky but dense shade screens the sunlight. When you walk up high on the mountain and have a look into the distance numerous mountains will seem small to you. Look below you will see cloud and mist curling up underfoot, like being in a wonderland. What a rare tourist attraction.

More than 100 meters away to the east of Tientai Mountain, you will see one peculiar landscape: a peach-shaped giant stone standing top down and without any supporting around. Gale coming, it even sways. On its top may stand more than 10 people. When all people put forth their strength simultaneously, it can be also swayed According to traditional saying, this is the piece of saucer peach eaten by Sun Wukong (an immortal monkey). The piece fell down to the ground and has molten into this stone after many years. Therefore, it is called "Saucer Peach Stone"

More than 100 steps from saucer peach stone, there is another giant stone with flat top. It may hold more than 20 people. Giant stone and platform are about 2 meter apart, so you can leap up onto giant stone. The giant stone is shaded by lofty trees around. You can sit on it playing chess, or reading a book. Either is a good choice. According to the legend this is the place where Sima Guang used to read a book, called "platform for book-reading.

There is a hole on Tainan Precipice, named "classics Hidden Hole" though whether some one had hidden classics here, has not been known after all. At the center of platform, there is a fountain well, running all through the year and having clear and cool water.

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