Lu Hu Park

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Lu Hu Park is a natural wonder which includes beautiful mountains as well as the Lu Hu Lake which is often known as the Golden Liquid Pool. The area is spread over an area of 400,000 sq m.
The lake is manmade and is built with the help of voluntary help of the Guangzhou residents in 1958. It is one of the best reservoirs in the scenic areas of Baiyun Mountain and one of the top 4 manmade lakes in the province.

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Lu Hu Park is a beautiful natural wonder. It has gorgeous landscape, fragrance of flowers, songs of birds and a gorgeous manmade lake. After climbing to the highest point in the park, visitors can enjoy the view of Guangzhou. 

The Highlights 

Lu Hu Park has a mingled forest of bamboos, eucalyptus and red pines which is very charming in autumn and spring. The major attractions in the Lu Hu Park include the Ju Fang Garden covering an area of 400,000 sq m, the five storey pavilion located on the mountain top, Cunyun Pavilion, Zhiyi pavilion, lotus pond, shaded sheds and the hairpin exhibition hall.

The Facilities 

Lu Hu Park is also known for offering a number of facilities to visitors. It has a skating rink with real ice, fishing area, yacht department, Qingliangjie Restaurant, Luming Restaurant, villa style Green Lake Hotel, Baiyun Immortal House, Xinghai Park and Children’s Paradise among others. 

Xinghai Park 

Xinghai Park is a major attraction in Lu Hu Park and had been built for commemorating Xian Xinghai, a very popular musician and Chinese composer in 1985. It includes various scenic spots such as the ancient tomb, music corridor, large stone statues and the memorial museum.
The park is spread over an area of 5000 sq m and it also includes a Children’s Elysium. Xian Xinghai, for whom the park has been built, has been buried in Guangzhou. In front of the park is a lotus pond spread over an area of 7 sq km and it is located on the lake’s west bank. Visitors will experience natural beauty and a lot of fresh air when they walk around the lotus pond and Xinghai Park.

Jufang Park 

Lu Hu Park is also home to another major attraction, the Jufang Park. This park is located on Luhu Lake’s northern bank. The park neighbors water and stands leaning against the mountain. It is spread over an area of 400,000 sq m and is a shaded plant themed garden. Jufang Park is also home to Honghu Building with its Chinese style traditional architecture with five layers of construction. The building covers a building area of 548 sq m, has a floor space of 158 sq m and is 24.5 m high. It is a classic style, impressive building. 

The Golf Course 

The Luhu Golf Course is located close to the lake and is spread over an area of around 60 hectors. The golf course is very unique since it leans against the mountains in the northern park of the lake. The golf course includes a night course of 9 holes, a practice course as well as a 72 par, 18 hole golf course.

Children’s Elysium 

The Elysium includes various amusement facilities for children such as game machines, an exciting butterfly machine and various novel amusement attractions such as fishing, ball pool, forest hunting, colorful boats, puppet city as well as feeding small animals.

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Northern Bank of Lu Hu Lake Guangzhou

How to Get There?

 Lu Hu Park can be reached by bus number 546, 184, 190, 46, 24, 63 or 10.

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Opening Hours:
8:00 – 16:00

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