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The Park of the Tropic of Cancer Marker

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/5

 The Tropic of Cancer Marker is situated at 110°08'36" longitude E, by 23°26'17" Latitude N. The marker consists of an arc building, which is 17.2 meters high and 26 meters wide, and a globe, which has a diameter of 6 meters. The arc building penetrates the globe just as a pole line penetrates the earth. In the middle of the globe there is a 10-centimeter-wide sun-peeping hole. At noon on the Summer Solstice (about June 21), through the hole, you can appreciate the natural mystery of the sun casting its light on Tropic of Cancer.

Strangely and interestingly, when you stand on the Tropic of Cancer and speak, your voice will sound bigger than usual with obvious echoes, which can be made within 3 meters around the Tropic of Cancer. And beyond that, the echoes of your voice will die down gradually.

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There is special tour bus (fare: 2 yuan) between Western Mountain Scenic Area and the park.

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