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Guigang Travel Guide

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Guigang Overview

Guigang City, a newly-developed freshwater port city, is located in the southeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The city covers an area of 10,595 square kilometers, with a population of more than 4.6 million. Its administrative division includes Gangbei District, Gangnan District, Qintang Administrative District, Guiping City and Pingnan County.

Guigang City enjoys a favorable geographic location. Litang-Zhanjiang Railway traverses the city, and its highways extend to all directions. What’s more, “the golden watercourse” Xijiang River flows right through the city, which makes its port the biggest freshwater port in South China and an important door for Southwest China to reach the sea.

Guigang City

Guigang City

Guigang City

Guigang is rich in resources and products. Known as “a land flowing with milk and honey” in Guangxi, it boasts an abundance of mineral resources, with Sanshui aluminum reserves ranking first in China.

Area code: 0775

Postcode: 537200