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Guigang Local Products:

Guiping Western Mountain Tea

The tea produced on Western Mountain in Guiping City is very fragrant, especially after being savored in the mouth. Amazingly, the Western Mountain Tea bears different scents when produced in different seasons, tasting faint-scented in spring, pear-scented in summer, strong-scented in autumn, and lotus-scented in winter.

Guiping Longan

Guiping City is the home for longans. The famous longan varieties include Dawuyuan, Bailu and Guangyan, etc, which are characterized by big shape, sweet, tender, tasty and thick flesh.

Jiangkou Bamboo Products

Jiangkou Township is famous for a variety of bamboo products, especially those for daily life, agricultural use, boat use and export.


Guigang City is abundant in jackfruits. Normally a jackfruit weighs more than 6 kilograms and the biggest one more than 20 kilograms. No wonder it is called “the king of fruits”. The fruit is very nutritious in that it is rich in sugar, vitamin and mineral substance.

Guigang Lotus Root Powder

The Guigang red lotus root powder, reddish brown and nutritious, has been listed as one of the four famous local products of Guangxi Province.

Madong Honey

The litchi honey produced in Madong, which is yellowish, litchi-scented and pure in taste, is the top grade of all.

Guigang Lotus Root

The Red Lotus Roots, which are produced in the deep-water lotus ponds of more than 80 acres in Guigang City and especially in the Qintang Administrative District, are big, long, rose pink, fresh in color and luster, and very smooth in taste. That’s why Guigang City is nicknamed “a city of lotus”.

Jintian Huaishan (chinese Yam)

Huaishan, called Chinese yam medically, is tonic to a person’s spleen, stomach, lung and kidney. The Huaishan produced in Jintian is stick-like, white in flesh, and light in taste. By the way, the powder made of Huaishan and lotus seeds is good nourishment.


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