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Guigang City is conveniently located, run through by Litang-Zhanjiang Railway, Nanning-Wuzhou Highway, No. 209 and 324 National Highways, and Xijiang River. It possesses the biggest freshwater port in South China, where ships of a thousand tonnage can reach Hongkong and Macau directly. So it is no exaggeration that Guigang has become an important land and water transportation hub in South China, linking the southeast coastal area and mid-and-central area of China and being one of the most convenient channels for Southwest China to reach the sea.


There are through trains leaving for other cities including Nanning, Liuzhou, Baise, Hechi, Zhanjiang and Maoming.

Guigang Railway Station

Add: Heping Road, Guigang City

Tel: 0775-4214484

The highways of Guigang extend to all directions and can reach conveniently the cities in and out of Guangxi Province. 

Guigang Main Passenger Station

Add: Heping Road (opposite to Guigang Railway Station), Guigang City

Tel: 0775-4228007

Guigang East Passenger Station

Tel: 0775-4582123

Guigang South Passenger Station

Add: South of Bridge, Guigang City

Tel: 0775-4328263

Guiping Passenger Station

Add: Guigui Road, Guiping City

Tel: 0775-3380032

Pingnan Passenger Station

Tel: 0775-7822185

Guigang City

It is convenient to take a bus or taxi in Guigang City. No.1 to No.10 buses are all self-service in terms of ticketing and charge one yuan per person respectively. The basic charge for a taxi is three yuan and for a motorcycle two yuan. If you want to charter a taxi to the suburbs or some scenic spots, you need to bargain with the driver.

Guiping City

In Guiping City, there are many “three-feet cats” (motor-driven tricycles), which normally charge one yuan per person in downtown area. The basic charge for a taxi is three yuan, with one yuan charged for every one more kilometer. To charter a taxi, you need to bargain with the driver.

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