Longji Terraced Fields

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Longji Terraced Fields is in the Heping town in Longsheng, a 2 hours drive from Guilin. The terraced rice fields, like ladders, wind from the bottom of the mountain to the top. The elevation varies from 380 meters to 880 meters with a drop of 500 meters. First built during the Yuan Dynasty, these rice fields were built with the determination, sweat and blood of generations of people. It is a testimony to the ingenuity of agriculture in mountainous areas. These fields are often belt-shaped, narrow and long, most of which are only wide enough for two rows of crops. The largest patch is only one Mu. There are about 66 square kilometers of terraced fields in southeast Longsheng.

People living in this region are mainly Zhuang minority. Their villages dot the rolling terraced fields. The two most visited villages are Huangluo Yao Village and Yinshui Dong Village.

Longji terraced fields

Top Things to Do in Longji Terraced Fields

Ping’an Zhuang Ethnic Village Terraced Fields

Ping’an Village has the largest rice fields in Longshen County and its terraced fields are the core of Longji Terraced Fields. This Zhuang village is surrounded by a idyllic surroundings with rice terraces and forests, which makes it a nice place to enjoy the picturesque terraced fields scenery and experience the real tranquility of rural lifestyle.

The terraced fields stretch from the bottom to the top of mountains, which forms the magnificent and grand scenery. The terraced fields have different scenery in different seasons. There are lots of scenic spots like Seven Stars Surrounding the Moon (七星伴月), Nine Dragons and Five Tigers (九龙五虎) and Two Dragons Playing with a Pearl (二龙戏珠), all of which are popular among visitors and nice places to photography.

Seven Stars Surrounding the Moon refers to a big terraced field surrounding by seven small terraced fields, which makes it look like there are seven dazzling stars guarding the moon-shaped terraced field from afar. It is a really nice place for photography.

Nine Dragons and Five Tigers refer to nine ridges and five small hills. The nine ridges look like nine dragons bending over to drink the fresh water of the Jinjiang River from afar. While the five small hills along the nine ridges look like five tigers guarding the terraced fields. It is a nice place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Jingkeng Red Yao Ethnic Village

Jinkeng Terraced Fields are bigger and higher than Ping’an Terraced Fields, which hold several Yao villages include Dazhai, Xiaozhai, Xinzhai and Xiabu. Jinkeng. Terraced Fields are well-preserved and villages here are full of primitive simplicity. The Yao women are in red traditional clothing, so the Yao people here called Red Yao (Hong Yao,红瑶). 

Scenic spots such as Golden Buddha Peak (Jinfo Ding, 金佛顶), Dajie Thousand-Layer Terraces (大界千层天梯) and Xinshan Shaoyue (西山韶乐). Jinfo Ding is the best place to take pictures of sunset. And there is a cable way with 20 minutes traveling from the bottom of the terraced fields to the Jinfo Ding, which visitors not only can save time but also can visit the magnificent terraced fields from the air.

Xishan Shaoyue is a nice sightseeing point to visit the sunrise and sunset, which takes 2 hours to get there through the beautiful and magnificent fields on foot.

Besides, there are activities that suits for families with kids to experience the rural lifestyle here like farming in the fields, feeding the poultry.

Hiking from Ping’an Village to Jinkeng VillageHiking along terraced fields not only can visit the magnificent fields but also can get a better understanding of minority culture, which takes around 4-5 hours. There is a village called Zhongliu Village on the way for supplies.

Scenic Highlights

longji terraced fields

Longji Terraced Fields is picturesque and wonderful all year round, with its scenery changing from season to season. The magnificent scenery of the rice terraced fields has attracted visitors from at home and abroad.

Rape Flowers

There are lots of rape flowers blossoming at the end of March in spring. Walking along the fields of rape flowers, ones can found the air is perfumed by the rape flowers. Taking a stroll and photograph at the land of rape flowers is a really a nice choice, which makes the trip more pleasant and meaningful.

Kaigeng Festival

Farmers will fertilize the rice terraced fields by using manure at the early beginning of May, which makes the fields red. The red fields are beautiful and unique. Locals are prepared to farm by storing water at the beginning of June. The terraced fields look like thousands of mirrors of different sizes shining every year in the storage period during June.

There is an important festival from 8th to 10th of June called Kaigeng Festival (literally means the time to farm). Visitors can enjoy many wonderful and traditional performances showed by locals. And there is not crowded at the time.

The terraced fields look like thousands of mirrors of different sizes shining every year in the storage period during June. From July to August is the best time to photograph with the clear sky and green fields as well as colorful cloud.

Harvest Season

There is no doubt that the autumn is the best time to visit when the rice is ready for harvest and the terraced fields in golden. The weather is cool and the surroundings sometimes in light haze. Most visitors come to here to enjoy the beauty of golden fields and photograph the sunset and sunrise scenery.

Besides, visitors can experience the farming life by harvesting in the fields. The idyllic scenery is a nice place for visitors to visit and enjoy the real tranquil and simple local lifestyle.

One-day Trip for Ping-an Village

Best Time for Visit

March: the scene of rape flower
Mid-April to mid-June: rice transplanting
July to early-September: terraces are filled with shiny green seedlings
Mid-September to early November: the scene of golden harvest
Later December to February: snow-covered mountains

Every month owns its beauty, meanwhile, the most beautiful months appreciated by the visitors are April and September.

Photography Tips

  • The best photograph spot: Nine Dragons and Five Tigers and Seven Stars with a Bright Moon.
  • There will be many viewing decks, at which you could take fantastic photos.
  • Some local people will rent traditional attires of the Zhuang nationality for you to shoot pictures, with 10 RMB per suit.

One-day Trip

Longji terraced fields

In the morning

Starting from Guilin, the convenient vehicle is the coach. The station will open at 6 o’clock. At about half past 7, the first coach will set to work. Because there is no direct coach to the Ping-an village, you will usually arrive at Heping town. After that, you can get on a bus which will take you to the Ping-an village. Since then, you may arrive at the destination at about 10 o’clock!

After buying the ticket, you can enjoy your time now! By the way, there will be many villagers who are waiting at the entrance, with their baskets. If your baggage is heavy or inconvenient, they are willing to help you with the payment, from 30 RMB to 50 RMB each person. It may take you about 1 hour to get to the top of the mountain. That is the first scenic spot—— “Nine Dragons and Five Tigers”, which is named for its scene (9 small ridges and 5 hilltops imaged by people as 9 dragons and 5 tigers).

About the lunch, there are many kinds of local delicacies you must enjoy, such as Bamboo Chicken, Bamboo-tube Rice, Longji Water Wine, Fried Wild Vegetable and so on. They are local and traditional, so it would be shame to miss them!

In the afternoon

In the afternoon, after a short break, you meet the most beautiful scene in the Ping-an village. That is Seven Stars with a Bright Moon, because there are 7 hills and one small lake. The viewing platforms are the silent guide to help you select wonderful photo angles. Also, the traditional clothing will be provided here.

When it goes late, you may back to the village, and find the hotel or you can book one in advance. That is easy, because nearly every house provides accommodations. The interesting thing is that most of houses are stilted which are made by hands. You may be attracted by them deeply! Local people are enthusiastic. If you stay for the night, the hotel’s owner may tell you some funny legends, give you some tips, or even treat you with a feast.

It goes dark earlier in the mountains, but the night is quiet and charming. You can enjoy the starry sky through the window and recall the one-day trip in the Ping-an village.


Bamboo Chicken: The chicken grows up naturally in the mountain. Cooking with spring water, it is nutritious and delicious. The price of each is about 50 RMB.
Bamboo-tube Rice: The fresh bamboo is chopped off by farmers in every early morning. Then they put sticky rice, bacon, agarics in it, and bake for at least 30 minutes.


You can easily find many family inns in Ping-an village. Although not like the “4-star” hotel, they are clean and tidy. Besides, if you are willing to make friends with various young people from a great variety of areas, choose the Youth Hostel. If you want a scenery room, Meilin Restaurant is a better choice.


There are some private cars used as the taxi on the road, and at the bus station, there are both mini-bus and coach which are very convenient.

About the Zhuang Nationality

The symbol of the Zhuang nationality is the Zhuang brocade. The Zhuang people are keen on singing. Liu Sanjie, known as the fairy singer, is a Zhuang. The main celebration is the Singing Festival, on the third day of the third lunar month. The funny custom is that many young girls will find their true love by singing in antiphonal style.

Tourist Souvenirs

Tea, chilies, water wine and sticky rice are the four jewels of the Longji Mountain. According to history, the tea was for emperor as the tribute in Qing Dynasty. Almost every home sells them.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is located in Longsheng County, about 2 hours drive from Guilin

How to Get There?

Take a bus at Guilin Bus Station to Longsheng and then transfer to another for the Terraced Fields.

Ticket Price:

50 yuan  (half price for children between 1.00m-1.40m tall, free for those shorter than 1.00m)

Opening Hours:

all day

More Tips:

The best time to visit is in autumn when the rice is ready for harvest and the fields offer a golden vista.

There are lots of hotels in Longsheng County. Or visitors can live in the local family.

The harvesting time will begin at 8th of October. It is advisable for visitors to have a visit before harvesting time.

It would be better to get a local guide to avoiding getting lost in the mountains.

There is luggage carrying service that costs around RMB 30.

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