Qingshitan Reservoir

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Qingshitan Reservoir was named after the colossal 600 million cu.meter reservoir, the largest to exist in the whole of Guangxi. Aside being the water source of irrigation and a device of flood protection, the area soon developed into a tourist resort owing to its resplendent scenery and prominent seasonal pattern.

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A slice of heaven on earth, the Qingshitan Reservoir area literally responds to nature through the facial transformation with the change of season.With mountains, foliage and water bodies abound, the place makes the seventh heaven for nature lovers. The scene of the place itself is so calming, that no place in China can be a better place to purify minds and souls than this.

It is amazing to see the shallow brooks freeze in the cold dead of the winter, and thaw and rush downward spiritedly as the spring arrives. The rainy summer ripens the fruits, washes down the trees and landforms, as the sweet autumnal smell fills in with the cyclic change of seasons. .

What Makes Qingshitan Reservoir a Must-Visit?

The scenic beauty is definitely the foremost reason to visit Qingshitan Reservoir. The green mountains, clustering flowering plants, sprawling still water bodies, line of fruit bearing trees, the seasonal feel, the open wide sky, the panoramic waterfalls, the pure air that hangs over the place and everything else are reason enough to choose the place as a travel destination. A perfect place to unwind from the busy, mind-numbing daily routine, it bestows the bona fide feel of quality time spent amidst the nature.

The place accommodates an amusement park, four hotels and other tourist facilities to welcome the guests. A bicycle ride down the sleepy villages of Yao, Miao, Zhuang and Dong can also prove to be a delightful experience.

Boat services are also available through the lakes for an elaborate sightseeing. You can book a boat for yourself and your entourage and sail through the pacific water of the meandering lakes, enjoying the vista around. Services are however offered during specific seasons and time period. You cannot expect to get a boat service in the winter when the lake water stands frozen still.

Peak Season to Visit

Visit Qingshitan Reservoir between April and October and you will be able to behold the place at its best. During that time, the area enjoys a moderate subtropical climate with plenty of sunny and frost-free days. You can expect the average temperature to be below 28.3 degrees around that time with a slight bit of rainfall. January is the coldest month, and certainly not a favorable visiting time.

Solo Adventure Tips:


33 km away from Guilin in Lingchuan County.

How to Get There?

The best way is to take a taxi there. There is no direct bus service from Guilin to the area.

Ticket Price:

10 yuan; an additional 20 yuan is charged for a cruise.

Opening Hours:


More Tips:

The best tour season: April - October.  Entering the thick forest, you can enjoy the running waterfall. The rafting in the Dongjing River is thrilling. Besides, it's a good chance to experience the folk life of Yao, Zhuang, Hui nations.

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