Solitary Beauty Peak

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Solitary Beauty Park, a major tourist destination in China, next to the Prince City, is situated right at the northern center point of Guilin City, a place that holds the highest grade of tourist attractions of the country. Locally referred to as the Du Xiu Feng, this is one spot in China that you cannot afford to miss.

A treat for the admirers of nature, the Park solitarily stands head-up at a height of 216 m above the mean sea level. Occupying a place inside the Mansion of Prince Jingjiang, the Park unfolds a spectacle at the crack of the dawn that justifies its popularity. Recently, owing to its popularity and tourism potential, the Solitary Beauty Park has earned the nickname of 'Sky-Supporting Pillar in the South'.

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Solitary Beauty Park Is Worth a Visit

The park, nicknamed as the “Purple Golden Hill” holds that visual treasure that by far surpasses the scopes of expression. Made of limestone that came as sea deposits, the park glows in an ethereal purplish golden hue as the first streak of sunlight shone on it at the break of the day. Slightly elevated than the rest of the city attractions, it will take you to ascend full 306 steps to get to the pinnacle of the pavilion wherefrom an ariel view of the ancient Guilin city can be beheld.

Apart, the place has multiple caves measuring 140 square meters approximately, the Dushu Rock being the chief one, that are furnished with stalactites engraved with poetics  and natural windows that allow the wind to breeze through. The highest peak in the city, what adds to the picturesque Park is the Li River that snakes by.

The park that rises to a great height abruptly from the adjoining flat land offers breathtaking view that can marvel even the greatest travelers of all times. Though the top is quite steep and a long way to reach, the splendid spectacle of the Mother Nature that awaits the visitors is worth every bit of the effort. The sight is a must-see that can wash out all kinds of stress and fill the minds with an infectious feeling of exuberance and relaxation, at the same time.

The History of the Place

Like every Chinese situate, the Solitary Beauty Park also has a brief but curious history. The idea is attributed to the Prince Jing Jiang of the Ming Dynasty who ruled the place between 1368 and 1644. It is said that the towers in the park were built by inspirations drawn from the lines of a poem written by Yanyuan. So, this is from where the park got its name as the Solitary Beauty, fully justified by its potential and popularity as a tourist attraction of the city.

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It is located in the center of Guilin City.

How to Get There?

One can take Bus No. 11, Bus No. 30, or Bus No. 10 to get there.

Ticket Price:

70 yuan also included entrance to the Jingjiang Prince's Mansion.

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