Yangshuo Top Restaurants

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Is Yangshuo a destination of one time or a long stay for you? Either way, it seems like travelers have more than one reason to linger in this beautiful town. Set the amazing landscapes aside, the multi-color food culture also brings you a memorable vacation as is.

No.1 Meiyou Café

Meiyou means “no” or “nothing”, which used to be a constant answers of the waiters taking orders back to the 60s and 70s. Among all the restaurants in Yangshuo, Meiyou Restaurants (没有饭店) might not be the best one, in food-wise or service-wise.

However, a photo taken in front of its billboard can be a nice memento of your days in Yangshuo. Five bucks gets you a quite tasty breakfast, including coffee, toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh yogurt. Local delicacies, beer fish, stuffed river snails and taro chicken to name a few, are in generous portion and heavily-tasteful. Located at the entrance of the West Street, it’s good for a night walk after dinner. Live music at night, free to request a song. They also have a hotel under the brand Meiyou.

Must-Try Dishes

Rib Bones with Taro (香芋排骨), Meiyou Stuffed River Snails (没有酿田螺), Meiyou Beer Fish (没有啤酒鱼), Garlic Spare Ribs (蒜香排骨), Fried Tofu (桑拿豆腐), Steamed Tofu with Shrimps (美女踏玉子/虾仁蒸豆腐)

Featuring: Guilin Local Flavor, Western Food
Good for: Group of Friends, Families, Business
Price: RMB 40-70/Person
Address: 1. 111, West Street, Yangshuo County, Guilin / +86 0773-8828897 (Walk 200m from the Bus Station towards West Street)
2. 26, West Street, Yangshuo County, Guilin / +86 0773-8813676 (Walk 200m from the entrance of West Street)
Website: http://www.meiyouhotel.com/plus/list.php?tid=1

No.2 Café China

Lured by the strong scent of roasted chicken, many travelers find more beyond their expectation at Café China (原始人餐厅). The restaurant/café serves mainly western food with good quality and quantity. And the price is quite friendly, too. The ambience is filled with a sense of cozy domesticity, overlooking the outside world and by-passers on the busy West Street. Besides highly-recommended western food such as pizzas and hamburgers, the chef can also cook some serious Guilin delicacies, including Beer Fish.

Free wifi, take-out and delivery services. You can choose any time of a day and come to kick back at this lovely corner of Yangshuo, it would be pleasant however you make the time go slower.

Must-Try Dishes

Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Cheese Cakes, Potato Beef Pie

Featuring: Western Food, Tea Time
Good for: Friends Get-Together, Couples, Business, Solo Travelers
Price: RMB 20-50/Person
Address: 34 West Street, Yangshuo County, Guilin / +86 0773-8827744 (Walk along the West Street for 500m and turn left)

No.3 Kali Mirch Indian Cuisine

Ever since its opening, Kali Mirch Indian Cuisine (黑胡椒餐厅), or Black Pepper Restaurant, have been leading a trend for international dining in Yangshuo. The Indian chef is faithful to authentic Indian taste and the restaurant stands out among the next-door Chinese restaurant and Western café.

The rice is cooked with special spices and goes especially great with their home-made mango yogurt milkshake. Roasted chicken is tend to be a bit over-roasted yet it is delightful crispy. The cheese-based roasted pancake is a creative treat. Staff can speak fair English, Wifi also available and outdoor eating has good views of the street.

Must-Try Dishes

Cheese Roasted Pancake (芝士烤饼), Curry Lamb (咖喱羊肉), Masala Butter Chicken (玛莎拉黄油鸡), Roasted Chicken with Cheese (芝士烤鸡)

Featuring: Indian Food
Good for: Friends Get-Together, Couples, Business, Solo Travelers
Price: RMB 40-60/Person
Address: YangGuang 100d-108b, Yangshuo County, Guilin / +86 13737396451 (Walk 500m from the entrance of the West Street and turn left to Chengzhong Road, walk 300m and turn right)

No.4  Roof Garden Restaurant

Roof Garden Restaurant (屋顶花园餐厅) must be a pride of Hidden Dragon Villa, an exquisite villa hotel overlooking Yulong River. The menu shows more Western choices than local ones and the price is fairly reasonable because you cannot put a price on the views of the snaking mountains and tranquil rivers. Their Western menu offers choices of sandwiches, soups, salads, pizzas, steaks and spaghettis. The chicken sandwich and garden salad are quite tasteful for the ingredients are fresh.

Roof Garden Steak is their special, served with chicken, ham, cheese, potato chips and salad. The location is hard to find if you are not a hotel guest. Ask around or make a call beforehand. You will also find a wine bar and tea room at the hotel. If you have breakfast or lunch here, it is easy to stretch the rest of your day to the nearby countryside by bike or on foot. Most of the staff can speak English.

Must-Try Dishes

Bacon & Egg Sandwich (烟肉鸡蛋三明治), Roof Garden Steak (花园餐厅酿鸡扒), Barbecue Sauce Macaroni (烤肉酱通心粉), Sour and Sweet Chicken (酸甜鸡)

Featuring: Western Food
Good for: Friends Get-Together, Couples, Families
Price: RMB 30-50/Person
Address: Ji Wo Du Village, Big Banyan Tree Scenery Zone, Yangshuo County, Guilin / +86 0773-8885058 (After passing Gongnong Bridge, and travelling 30 metres, please turn left and go another 300 metres when you see one T-junction from Yangshuo to Gaotian)
Website: http://www.yangshuocountrysidehotel.com/Roof_Garden_Restaurant.asp

No.5 Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Elegant and exquisite are what Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant (暗香疏影素食餐厅) is going for. The ambiance is built up with a big mansion atmosphere by padauk furniture. In addition to the dining hall, they also have some private rooms decorated with Chinese brush drawings and embroidery prayer-cushions. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, you will love the way they cook the veggies: Lion Head is made of mushrooms, taro, beans, Chinese water chestnut and celery, deep-fried and brings out a clean taste. Luohan Zhai, stewed veggie mix is their special, mushrooms, carrots, cabbages, beancurd sheets and mu’er, an absolute favorite for genuine taste.

No English menu and the names can be confusing for Westerners but the friendly owner will be happy to help you out. There’s a small garden at the back, go and check it out after a meal. Wifi and parking are also available.

Must-Try Dishes

Luohan Zhai (罗汉斋), Lion Head (狮子头), Braised Lily Fruit (炒百合), Pumpkin Veggie Soup (南瓜青菜汤), Fish-Flavored Longji Eggplant (鱼香龙脊茄)

Featuring: Vegetarian
Good for: Friends Get-Together, Couples, Business, Families
Price: RMB 30-60/Person
Address: 7 Die Cui Rd., Yangshuo County, Guilin / +86 0773-8819079 (Walk 600m from the entrance of the West Street and turn left at Rosewood Restaurant to Diecui Road, walk 200m along Deicui Road and turn right)
Website: http://www.yangshuomagnolia.com/purelotus.htm

No.6 Mood Food Energy Café

Raw, vegetarian and organic, you will see it is not kidding about these factors as you walk into the greenhouse-like restaurant, the Mood Food Energy Café. Wooden tables, each sits 3 guests, in the garden offer a nice dining experience under the glass roof.

Inside the main hall, there is a tatami corner where you can stretch legs and lounge down while the food is served. The menu is more about health and vegetarian is the main theme. Their salad and soup menu offer divine tastes and various kinds of juices can help you detox. You can see Mexican, Thai, Chinese and Japanese elements in the food. Upstairs, a Yoga session or Qigong meditation are believed to bring you back to a better self. Everything is in English.

Must-Try Dishes

Zucchini Pesto (西葫芦沙司), Pumpkin Soup (南瓜汤), Veggie Spring Rolls (素食春卷), Tofu Steak (豆腐排), Cheese Veggie Taco (墨西哥蔬菜芝士卷)

Featuring: Vegetarian, Organic, International
Good for: Friends Get-Together, Couples, Solo Travelers
Price: RMB 30-60/Person
Address: 8, Furong Lu, Yangshuo County, Guilin / +86 18276336334 (Walk 300m along Binjiang Road and turn left onto Fuqian Lane and walk straight to the restaurant)

No.7 Cloud 9 Restaurant

A huge jug sitting at the front door is implicit that you can have a nice bowl of soup here. Cloud 9 Restaurant (聚福楼) has everything you can expect for a Chinese restaurant: rice, noodles, veggies, chicken and more. Located in the center of the town, it has been a famous restaurant for authentic flavors and people-friendly prices.

The main hall on the 1st floor is often used for locals’ weddings and you should definitely take its balcony tables on the second floor, overlooking the bustling West Street. Long-boiled soup and beer fish are their specials. Unlike other restaurants, their napkins and tea are free, and juices are sugar-free if you request otherwise. Their cooking class enjoys high popularity among foreign travelers and chefs will teach you three of their famous dishes.

Must-Try Dishes

Duck Soup with Gingko (白果老鸭汤), Water-Boiled Beef (水煮牛肉), Yangshuo Beer Fish (阳朔啤酒鱼), Ribs with Taro (芋头排骨)

Featuring: Chinese
Good for: Friends Get-Together, Families, Group of Travelers
Price: RMB 40-80/Person
Address: 1, Chengzong Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin / +86 0773-8813686 (Walk straight along the West Street to the restaurant)

NO.8 Kelly’s Café

Kelly’s Café (灯笼风味馆) never sells herself as the most beautiful café in Yangshuo but its great value food speaks it all. It keeps herself from the hustle of the West Street and allows her eaters look outside the window with a cozy breath in the lane of Guihua Road. The owner is a girl from Sichuan. According to her, originally the menu was Sichuan cuisine but now her excellent Western food draws international travelers back again and again.

Set-menu breakfast is served at a remarkable speed, including bacon, egg, toast and milk or coffee. For lunch, spaghettis, hamburgers and other Chinese choices are generously-portioned and promptly-served. Wifi is fast, beer is cheap, view is great and all is good with Kelly’s Café.

Must-Try Dishes

Veggie Burger (素食汉堡), Apple Pie (苹果派), Cheese Macaroni (芝士通心粉)

Featuring: Western Food
Good for: Friends Get-Together, Families, Group of Travelers, Solo Travelers
Price: RMB 20-50/Person
Address: 43 Guihua Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin / +86 0773-8813233

No.9 Café Ming Yuan

If you are a coffee person, you will admit it’s hard to find a really nice coffee in China that is not instant. Although the price range is like Starbuck, the Café Ming Yuan (明园咖啡) is regarded as the best place for real coffee among foreigners. The café was originally by the West Street and now it is moved to Binjiang Road, overlooking the peaceful Li River, offering better atmosphere.

The interior is decorated in old colonial style and constantly filled with light jazzy music. You can have your latte or mocha at the porch or on the balcony. Besides coffee, they also have desserts, Tiramisu, chocolate cakes, cheesecake, blueberry cake and ice cream etc. No lunch or dinner served but for some people, a great cup of coffee is good enough.

Must-Try Dishes

Coffee, Tiramisu (提拉米苏), Blueberry Cake(蓝莓蛋糕)

Featuring: Coffee, Desserts
Good for: Friends Get-Together, Couples, Business, Solo Travelers
Price: RMB 30-70/Person
Address: Intersection of Binjiang Street and Diecui Street, Yangshuo County, Guilin / +86 0773-8886628 (Walk 500m along Binjiang Street to Café Ming Yuan)

No. 10 Pomelo Garden

Hidden in the pomelo groves, Pomelo Garden (柚子山庄) is presenting high quality food with beautiful natural setting. It is the restaurant of Pomelo Villa Hotel. Many travelers stumble into this lovely restaurant while biking along the Li River. What’s standing out is their blend of Belgian and Chinese flavors. The dishes are mostly Western plus a few Chinese classics. The place is quite children-friendly and has special chairs for little kids. Fish, chicken and shrimps are directly supplied by the nearby villagers and you can see a lot of local-grown herbs and spices are used in your food. While the place can be tricky to find, you can call and ask for direction. Take-outs and reservation are available.

Must-Try Dishes

Dragon Eggplant (龙脊茄子), Fried Shrimp in Pastry Parcels (酥炸虾仁), Braised Chicken with Bamboo Shoots (干笋焖鸡)

Featuring: Guilin Local Flavor
Good for: Friends Get-Together, Families with Kids, Solo Travelers
Price: RMB 30-60/Person
Address: Shi ban Qiao, 28b, Yangshuo County, Guilin / +86 0773-8888766 (Cab or bike start from the West Street and turn right to Shenshan Road, go along Shenshan Road and turn right to Zhanggui Village)

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