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Baihua (Hundred Flower)Lake

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This is a man-made lake; it was created in 1960 when the dam of a hydropower station was built. The lake features numerous bays and more than 100 charming islets. Each of its three sections, the Central, South and North lakes, presents its own characteristic landscape. Cruising on the lake is like visiting an art gallery of traditional Chinese paintings.

The Lake is a vast expanse of clear water, studded with 110 isles of varying sizes and shapes. Lusi (Egret) lsle to the east is a natural habitat of egrets. The south of the lake is clustered with scenic spots, and the better known ones are Yanbei Gorge, Yanbei Peak, Jinyin Gorge, Mogu Peak, Hongwu Gorge and Hongwu Temple. There are also limestone caves on some of the isles.

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Transport: 1、From 8:00 to 17:00, regular minibus goes every 30 minutes at the Hebin Park Bus Station. 2、Take bus No.55 at the Zhiling Temple and get off at the Zhuchang stop. Then the pedicab can take you to there.

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