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Gaopo Township

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/5

Gaopo Township is located to the east of Qingyan Town, 20 kilometers away. This township, covering an area of 107.4 square kilometers, has attracted numerous visitors with its extraordinary scenic spots and historical sites, beautiful rural scenery and strong national flavor.

People of the Han, Miao and Buyi nationalities live in Gaopo. At the festivals such as Tiaochang, Tiaodong, Siyueba (April 8th) and Bullfight, activities like horse racing, bullfighting, singing competition and Lusheng dance are usually held in Gaopo. Of these, Siyueba Festival (April 8th Festival) is the grandest. One of the festival activities is “shooting back shield”. A girl holds a delicately embroidered shield on her back as a target. If the man whom she likes shoots the target with a crossbow, it symbolizes they will have a happy marriage.

At some place in Gaopo lies a historical relic of cave coffin burying of the ancient Miao people, which is about 20 meters high and holds 127 coffins of different sizes.

In Gaopo, stele carvings and cliff carvings can be seen everywhere and 14 ancient defensive forts are still preserved.

The natural scenery in Gaopo is very beautiful. The gorge, stone forest, multi-layer waterfalls, vast field and Yunding meadow all form splendid landscape, making Gaopo more charming. 

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