Huaxi Park

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Huaxi Park is the centerpiece of the Huaxi scenic area, which covers an area of 350.5 square kilometers. It is made up of seven scenic spots: the Ten-li River Bank, Tianhe Pool, Yanlou Malin, the Ancient Town of Qinyan, Qiantao Mengguan, Gaopo and Xiaobi.

Scenic attractions of the park generally focus on the four hills: Unicorn, Phoenix, Turtle and Snake. Unicorn Hill is the largest peak of the four. It resembles the shape of a prancing unicorn. On the top of the hill, stones of various shapes stand upright like the horn of the unicorn. The Yitianting pavilion is located at the summit, pointing up to the sky and providing a panoramic view of the park.

The water of the Huaxi River (Flower River) is clear and clean and flowers bloom all year round in the park. Boats are available in the park for visitors to rent. A boat tour offers views of beautiful landscapes along the river. Visitors can also relax at pavilions or terraces under the shade of trees and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of rurality.

The park is an ideal tourist destination all year round. Crystal-clear streams run like a mirror, bouquets of flowers and peaceful serenity comprise a feast for the visitor’s eyes. It is considered the “pearl of the Central Guizhou”.

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Huaxi Park is situated in the suburbs, 17 kilometers south of Guiyang.

How to Get There?

You may take bus No.90 or 98 from the downtown area. Regular buses go from the railway station to Huaxi too, which takes about 40 minutes.

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Best time for sightseeing: One of the best seasons for sightseeing in Huaxi is in spring when the peach trees are in full blossom; another time is in fall when abadant of tourist activities are held in the park, such as the savoring of tea and moon cakes during the Mid-autumn Festival.

Catering: You may find lots snacks at the stands outside the park, including Huaxi Wangs’ Beef Noodles, noodle rolls, Qingyan bean curd balls. Restaurant inside the park provides local flavors like Qingyan pot-stewed pettitoes, spicy chicken claws, chicken hotpot, Huaxi pot-roasted goose.

Shopping:You can buy local products as Zhusun( a kind of edible fungus found in bamboo groves), Chili(thorny pear), and Huaxi red pepper.

Accommodation: Hotels of different kinds can be found near the park. You may choose the one according to your needs and requirement.

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