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Jiaxiu Tower

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Jiaxiu Tower is a landmark in Guiyang also called as the First Scholar’s Tower. The Tower’s unique and magnificent architecture is also a great cultural icon in Guiyang. The word Jiaxiu literally means “getting the very best in imperial examinations; sure enough, the tower was built impressively during the 16th century.

The Jiaxiu Tower stands at a height of 65 feet and is accentuated by three layers of hipped roof and supported by 12 stone pillars. It is fused with the Fuyu Bridge, which provides access to both the northern and southern banks of the Nanming River. The tower houses many historical tablets inscribed by famous poets and scholars.

Things to Do

Jiaxiu Tower or Jia Xiu Lou is a cultural and historical relic situated in an urban landscape. The tower itself is a sight to behold as it depicts ancient Chinese architecture in green tiles, red pillars, flying ridges, overhanging eaves, carved railings and engraved windows that set the contrast against the bridge’s white stone parapets. The tower’s majestic silhouette is reflected by the clear water of the Nanming River. The night scene of the tower is the highlight of any visits as the tower looks wonderful once it is lit with colorful lanterns that are reflected in the clear waters of the river. The night scene is so impressive and mystical that visitors may feel as if they had been brought back to the ancient times.

Visitors who go there can divide their trip into three parts corresponding with the three major parts of the tower: the Fuyu Bridge (Jade floating bridge), the tower, and the Cuwie garden.
A stroll in the Fuyu bridge is an enchanting experience. The Fuyu Bridge resembles a floating dragon when viewed from a distance, and this has earned it quite a reputation among tourists. On the bridgehead is a stone and wood memorial archway inscribed with Chengnan Yiji (remains of the south city) and the Hanbi Pavilion, all of which are worth seeing.

Jiaxiu Tower

The tower itself offers a fascinating point of view of Hangzhou. Tourists can enjoy the scenic view of the surrounding city from the tower’s topmost chamber. Additionally, inside the tower is a long antithetical couplet written by Liu Wenliang, and visitors can also have a glimpse of the ancient calligraphy pieces, stone tablets inscribed with poetry, and other intricate woodcraft found in almost all parts of the tower. The stone carvings, neat wood ceilings, red girders, marble balustrade and the garden are excellent sights for visitors.

In the Cuwei garden, tourists can visit the newly built exhibit hall that showcases traditional dresses and costumes of the ethnic groups that lived in the Guizho province. These dresses are accentuated with handcrafted embroidery and batik that embodies the colorful Chinese ethnic cultures.

After visiting the tower, visitors can also shop for souvenirs in the nearby flea market that sells antiques, books, silver, batik, handicrafts, and other diversified Chinese articles.
The nearby Da Nan Men area is also Guiyang’s oldest dining district; tourists can easily spot lots of Chinese restaurants to savor authentic Chinese foods. One of the restaurants serves the famous and tasty NantianMen ChangWangMian noodle soup. This restaurant has been noted as one of the top ten restaurants in Guiyang.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Xihu Road, Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

How to Get There?

Transportation to and from the tower is available from 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM.
1)    Take buses no. 1 or 2 and get off at You Dian Da Lou (post office building)
2)    Take buses no. 8 or 11 and drop off to Da Nan Men ( Grand South Gate)
3)    Take buses no. 15,48, or 305 and get off at the Jia Xiu Lou station ( Jiaxiu Building)
4)    Take a taxi. The Guiyang taxi’s flat rate is CNY 10 for the first 3km while the additional rate per succeeding kilometer is 1.6 CNY. At past midnight, Guiyang taxi’s additional rate is CNY 2, so from CNY 10, the flat rate becomes 12 CNY.

Ticket Price:

CNY 5 plus an additional CNY 10 to access the top of the tower

Opening Hours:
Opening Hours: 08:30 to 19:00

More Tips:

Best time to visit: March to October, about half an hour to 1 hour

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