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South Suburb Park

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Also known as Underground Park, Nanjiao (South Suburb) Park is seven kilometres south of Guiyang. It is one of the developed toristm areas in Guizhou, featuring hills, waters, caverns, and forests. Its 587-metre-long White Dragon Cave displays a wonder world of stunning stalactites.

The White Dragon Cave is the central focus of the park. The cave, a 587-metre-long tunnel, is divided into two sections. A myriad of stone curtains, stone flowers, stone pillars and stalagmites fill the cave, turningh it into an exotic fairytale world. The scenery above the cave is also charming. Hills reflect in the water; water runs around the hill. The beautiful landscape makes the tourists reluctant to leave.

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Bus No.19 will take you right to the gate of the park.

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