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Wenchang Pavilion

Last updated by jasmine at 2016/4/20

Wenchang Pavilion, located at east Guiyang city, was built in the 24th year during the Reign of Emperor Wanli of Ming Dynasty (1596). Renowned for its delicate design and distinct architectural style, Wenchang Pavilion is the key culture relic under provincial protection. 

The pavilion is 20 meters high, with its gate facing the west. It bears a distinct architectural style of the Ming Dynasty, with the whole pavilion mainly in the caesious tone, windows and doors carved exquisitely, horizontal tablets painted colorfully and eaves raised gently.

The structure of the pavilion can be summed up as “three stories, three eaves and nine-unequal-angle-tented roof”. Nine is considered to be the maximum number during ancient China and represents the supreme power of the emperor. Wenchang Pavilion is the only pavilion of its kind (with nine-unequal-angle-tented roof) in China and other pavilions through out China all have roofs with even angles (four angles, six angles or eight angles) or have conical roofs. In the second and third stories, there are nine main poles, fifty-four poles and eighty-one girders respectively; all are the multiple of nine which displays the high level of the craftsmanship and profound design of the builders.

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You can take bus No.4,No. 5,No.12,No.21,No.32, and get off at Dongmen bus stop, and then there is just a few minutes walking to get to Wenchang Pavilion.

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