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Xianghuoyan Canyon

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The canyon features a drop of 100-200 meters and an average width of about 15-25 meters, with the narrowest point being about 10-12 meters and the widest about 30-40 meters. The canyon is composed of 3 open valleys and two shaded valleys, which are divided into 7 small scenic areas such as Guangming River, Ying Cave, Xianghuoyan Waterfalls and Xianghuoyan Peak, etc. Of these, Xianghuoyan Waterfalls look most marvelous. Looking down the waterfalls, you can see the water vapor rising and hear the thundering roaring; looking up, you can see a silver river falling down and a rainbow across the mist. It cannot be denied that Xianghuoyan Canyon is ideal for exploration, scientific research, sightseeing and holiday spending.

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