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Yudong Gorge Scenic Area

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Yudong Gorge Scenic Area is located at the transitional zone of the Central Guizhou Plateau and South Guizhou Basin, 15 kilometers away from the downtown of Guiyang. It is featured the flocks of mountains, cliffs, rivers, caves and Buddhism buildings, mainly consists of Yudong Gorge, Yudong Cave, Yueliang Cave, Yudong River and Laixian Pavilion.

Yudong Gorge rises straight up the Yudong Rive. The river water is limpid and the gorge is precipitous and narrow with a height of 200 to 250 meters. The water conservancy project of Yudong River lies here, The water discharges from the over-ten-meter-high dam to the bottom, making huge sounds and echoing around the gorge. It is a travel Mecca for avoiding the summer heat.

There are Underground River, Karst cave and artificial lakes, where travelers can row a boat, situated at the upper reach of the gorge. The Karst cave is located 100 meters up from the dam, called Yudong Cave, with an underground river passing through. Yudong Cave is 350 meters long, with the average width of four meters, widest at 13 meters and the average height of four meters, highest at ten meters. The cave is in a “Z” shape, which is divided into upper layer and lower layer. The upper layer is high and wide with the capacity of over one hundred of people, while the lower layer is mostly taken by water. It is really interesting to row a boat through the cave, just like exploring a maze. The stalagmite, stalactite, stelae, stone curtain and stone shade in ivory, apricot yellow, yellow and orange. Among them, the stalactites are in the largest amount and the stelaes are the hugest. Some of them hang on the cave’s ceiling, some grow from the bottom and some climb on the wall. Many of them are lifelike in the shape of lotus, eagle, and tortoise and so on. For example, there is a big stelae situated at the entrance of the cave in the shape of a lion, as if it is guarding the beautiful place. 

In the lower reach of the gorge, 180 meters away from the dam, there is also a Karst cave called Yueliang Cave (Moon Cave).The cave is 60 meters higher than Yudong River, with a height of three to eight meters and a length of 70 meters. A large amount of stelaes, stone curtains, stone waterfalls, stone grapes and stone plants scatter in the cave, which have high value in appreciating.

In the scenic area, the undulating mountains and the precipitous cliffs and crags form peculiar gorge landscape. Nanming River, Yuliang River and Yudong River interlace in Yudong Gorge, which is hence renowned as “Ten-Mile Gorge”. Besides, there are five banks built at the lower reach of the Yudong River, which form a natural swimming pool of 10000 square meters and four boat floating zones, where travelers can enjoy diving, swimming, rowing and water-skiing.

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Transportation At the gate of Guizhou Normal University, take a scheduled bus to Wudang District, where you can take a special bus or a three-wheel vehicle (called “Guaidi” in local dialect and costing 2 yuan RMB only) to Yudong Gorge scenic area.

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