Guizhou Festivals

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Jump Flower Festival (跳花坡)

Feb.28 in 2015

Long Hom Miao groups(长角苗族), about 3,000 participants

Lusheng dance, singing in antiphonal style

Suoga Town, Liuzhi County, Liushui City (六盘水市六枝特区梭嘎乡)

Jump Flower Festival (跳花坡)

Apr.3 in 2015

Small Flowery Miao groups(小花苗族), about 10,000 participants

singing in antiphonal style, bullfight, gathering

Nankai Town, Shuicheng County (水城特区南开乡)

Lusheng Festival (芦笙节)

Mar.8-10 in 2015

Long Skirt Miao groups(长裙苗), about 20,000 participants

singing in antiphonal style, bullfight, gathering

Zhouxi Town, Kaili City (凯里市舟溪镇)

March-Third Festival (三月三)

Apr.21 in 2015

Buyi ethnic group, about 10,000 participants

singing in antiphonal style, bullfight, gathering

Baojing Town, Zhenyuan County (镇远县报京乡)

Sisters Meals Festival (姊妹饭节)

May.3-5 in 2015

Miao ethnic group, about 10,000 participants

Gathering, Lusheng dance, enjoying sisters meals

Shidong Town, Taijiang County (台江县施洞镇)

April-Eighth Festival (四月八)

May.25 in 2015

Miao ehnic group, about 15,000 participants

Gathering, horse racing, Horse Tighing, Lusheng dance

Feiyun Ya, Huangping County (黄平县飞云崖)

Dragon Boat Festival (龙舟节)

Jul.10-12 in 2015

Miao ethnic minority, about 30,000 participants

Dragon boat racing, singing in antiphonal style

Shidong Town, Taijiang County (台江县施洞镇)

Climbing Festival (爬坡节)

Aug.6 in 2012; Jul

Miao ethnic minority, about 20,000

Gathering, mountaineering

Mt. Xianglu, Kaili City (凯里市香炉山)

Torch Festival (火把节)

Aug.11 in 2012; Jul.31 in 2013

Yi ethnic minority, about 10,000 participants

Corroboree, bullfight

Yuni Town, Pingdi Town, Pugui Town and Jiuying Town in Shuicheng Pan County (水城盘县特区的淤泥乡、坪地乡、普贵乡、旧営乡)

Lunar June 6th Festival(六月六)

Jul.21 in 2015

Buyi ethnic groups, about 10,000

making music out of the leaves, singing and gathering

Suburban Area of Zhenfeng County, Southwest Guizhou (黔西南州贞丰县郊区)

China International Lusheng Festival (中国国际芦笙节)

Oct.1–5 in 2015

20,000 celebrators

The exhibition of national costume and handiwork, bullfighting

Kaili City, Southeast Guizhou Prefecture (黔东南州凯里市)

Lusheng Festival(芦笙节)

Nov.8-10 in 2015

Miao ethnic group

Horse racing, bullfighting, Lusheng dance and gathering, about 20,000 participants

By Chang'an River, Huangping County (黄平县重安江)

Lusheng Festival (芦笙节)

Nov.10-11 in 2015

Miao ethnic group

bullfighting, Lusheng dance and gathering, about 30,000 participants

Gulong Town, Huangping County (黄平县谷陇乡)

New Year Festival of Miao Minority(苗年)

No.15-19 in 2015

Miao ethnic group, about 50,000 participants

dancing with the wood drums, gathering

Leishan County, Kaili City and (凯里市、雷山县)

Song Festival (卯节)

Not sure

Shui ethnic group, about ,000 participants

singing in antiphonal style, dancing and gathering

Jiuqian Town, Sandu County (三都县九阡)


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