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Nianbaoyuze, also known as Guluo Mountain has many high peaks. The main peak is 5369 meters high and is the place where the Guluo Tibetan originated and is therefore worshipped as the God mountain by the Tibetans. The mountain has abundant glaciers and deep gorges.
There are two lakes at the foot of the mountain called the goddess lake and the female monster lake. The weather in Nianbaoyuze is hard to predict and it is known as an adventure attraction for mountain climbers throughout the world.   

Highlights of Nianbaoyuze

The importance of Nianbaoyuze for Tibetans 

While it is said that Nianbaoyuze is home to 360 lakes, local Tibetans and the tourism bureau say there are 16 main larger lakes and 300 small lakes that dot around the mountains. 360 is considered to be an auspicious number for Buddhists and so Tibetans believe that there are 360 lakes and 3,600 peaks in Nianbaoyuze. It is also believed to be the birthplace of Golak Grassland, the local Tibetan. 

A haven for tourists 

Nianbaoyuze is the main peak of the Mountain Bayan Har’s southeastern section. It is three hours drive away from Aba county in Sichuan Province and is located only 40 kilometers from Jiuzhi County. Nianbaoyuze was still unknown to most people outside of Guoluo Grassland until recently. However, its diverse landforms, wild animals and plants have attracted a large number of geologists, scientists and many adventurers.  In 2006, it was appraised as the National Nature Park. 

The lakes

Nianbaoyuze is promoted enthusiastically by the tourism bureau and it has since become highly popular with back packers and tourists. The lakes in the area are very clear and transparent and are considered to be holy lakes. People are forbidden from touching the lake waters. Legends say that monks who dared to swim in the lakes were found dead mysteriously later on. Nianbaoyuze is home to various rare wild animals and plants. There are virgin fir and pine forests in the east and south. The ravines have lynxes, brown bears and snow leopards.

Mountain climbing 

Climbing the mountain of Nianbaoyuze is the ultimate dream of mountaineers. This mountain is covered with a large glacier. The main peak stands tall at 5,369 meters. It was recently named as the top 10 most difficult to climb mountains in China. Summer is the best time to enjoy Nianbaoyuze and its beauty with plenty of flowers blooming. 

Holy rituals 

During the summer months, the local monks from Aba County’s Segeer Temple hold rituals as per the Buddhism doctrines. The monks throw green branches in the lake wrapped in silk. They believe that this is a way of showing their respect to the Nature God. This can be a very auspicious ritual to view. 

The Fairy Lake 

The most approachable lakes in the area are the Siren Lake and Fairy Lake. However, it would take at least one day to walk across these two lakes. The Fairy Lake covers an area of over 10 sq km. It is a fresh water lake that is home to non-squama fish. Tibetans consider the water and the fish in the lake to be holy and are therefore not allowed to touch either.

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40 Km from Jiuzhi County, Gansu Province

How to Get There?

Nianbaoyuze is located 40 km from Jiuzhi County in the Gansu Province. No roads are so far built to link the mountain to the surrounding area. A single trip to the mountain can take around seven days. It is also important to have a local guide while travelling along with the necessary camping equipment and lots of food while travelling in the area.

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