The Cow Head Stele

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The civil administration of Maduo County constructed a stele called "the soul of China, the stele in the style of a cow head at the source of the Yellow River" in Sep, 1988 for the sake of inaugurating the tourism in the origin of the Yellow River. The stele is founded of pure copper, and 5.1tons weight, inscribed "the headstream of the Yellow River" both in Tibetan and Han languages by the late tenth-generation Panchan Lama and Hu Yaobang. The stele lying at an elevation of 4610 meters is three meters high with the stele-seat of two meters in height, totally inlaid by the copperplate mould. And the delicate style and grand font symbolize the long history full of changes and the diligent and unsophisticated character of Chinese Nation. The cow as the style of the stele, which was a primitive holy totem, with its straightforward horns and powerful and tough style, epitomize our great and strong national spirit, which arouses unparalleled intensive cohesion and centripetal force.

Leaning close to the enclosure of the primitive and simple, grand, straightforward cow head-like monument, the Bayankala Mountain with the silver drape and armor, is in far sight and domineers over cloud. And at the foot of the white snow mountain, grassland appears pure and green as if swept by water. The mountain ranges and lakefront are strewn with flocks and herds wandering peacefully; black-and -white tents intersperse on the green soft carpet, seeming shoulder poles or mushrooms, accompanied by wisps of smoke rising into the sky and leisure sound of reed wafting in the air. The beautiful and colorful landscape can make you amused and forget to return with infinite aftertaste, and makes your heart enraptured.     

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There are direct buses to Cuorigaze Mountain at Mariduo County Station.

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It opens for a whole day

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