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Guoluo Overview

The miraculous and beautiful Guolo Tibet Autonomous Prefecture richly endowed with natural resources lies in the southeast of Qinghai Province that is the hinterland of Tibet Plateau, with totally covering 75,000 square kilometers and an average sea-level of over 4200 meters, and more than 90% of its people are Tibetans.

Due to the special geographical conditions, Guolo Tibet Autonomous Prefecture is abundant in natural tourist resources, where mountains are towering and magnificent with an average sea level above 5900meters. As the highest snowy mountain peak, A’nimaqing Peak with 282 meters above the sea-level is the first mountain peak that is open to the public, which is in the shape of indentations overlapping. the icy mountains are standing magnificently and loftily, and the topography is particular with 57 glaciers cover an area of 125.7 square kilometers, among which Halong Glacier, with the highest vertical distance up to 1800 meters, is the largest and longest glacier in Huanghe Drainage Basin. The two largest fresh water lakes Zhaling Lake and E’ling Lake, surrounded by hundreds of big or small lakes and over 50 rivers, form another Birds Kingdom after Qinghai Lake. Because of its high altitude, Guoluo scatters with frozen earth layer and periglacial soil horizon.

With queer topography and enchanting scenery, Guoluo owns uncivilized, undestroyed and unchanged scenic spots which preserve perfectly the natural conditions such as the boundless and impressive scenery of Zhaling Lake and E’ling Lake, the majestic and splendid A’nimaqing Peak, the mysterious and magnificent Nianbaoyuze, Jiangnan (the south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River) of the north---Banmarenyu and mystical Tibetan Buddhism and so on. Meanwhile, there exist other places of historical interest such as shelter projects dug by the Red Army, slogans written on the rock by the Red Army, Zhiqin Temple, Tibetan Buddhist Temple built by cow-hair-made tent in large scale, Ke Temple and Stone Jade Temple and so on. In addition, it is also famous for classical Tibetan Opera, folk songs, dance and calligraphy in Tibetan Language.

Guoluo Autonomous Prefecture consists of six counties: Maqin, Banma, Gande, Dari, Jiuzhi and Maduo, totally covering an area of over 76,000 square kilometers and the population of 130,000.

Zone Code: 0975    

Post Code: 814000

Telephone for complaining: 0975-8383842

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