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The Memorial Arch of Twenty Mile Store

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot: the Memorial Arch of Twenty Mile Store is also named Wuyuan Mountain Southern Ancient Temple Arch North and opinions vary about its establishment. Some say it was first built in the 13th year of Wanli Period of Ming Dynasty (1585) while folk legend has it that it was first built in the Yuan Dynasty and that a Iran missionary(western comer in the folk story) who was obliged by Hubilie for his eminent achievements during the unification of China by Yuan and used to be in charge of a temple on Wuyuan Mountain of Twenty Mile Store for the prevalence of Islamism. It was the predecessor of the southern ancient temple of Wuyuan Mountain. In the second year of Chenghua Period of Ming Dynasty (1466), the western comer passed away and the local Muslins built a memorial arch for him. According to the recording of Artistic History of Hui People, the Memorial Arch of Twenty Mile Store was created in the 16th year of Kangxi Period of Qing Dynasty(1677)and stele was ever built for recording after its enlargement in the 19th year of Qianlong Period(1754). The stele was named “Ancestor Celestial Being Stele of Islam” and the creator was called “the Father of Islam”. According to the epigraphy, no one knows the name of the ancestor celestial being and villagers saw somebody reading scripture on the mountain in the period of Kangxi but could see no trails when approaching near. Later, an old man of the western region came here and said that there was the tomb of ancestor celestial being on this mountain. He was proclaiming the doctrines of Islam and was honored with a tomb here which cracked in the second year of Chenghua Period.

According to the recording of the preserved epigraphy in the temple at present, celebrities like the father of the country building of Ming Dynasty, Capital Imperial Ambassador Zhao Renrui, the general chief of three borders Yang Yiqing and the prefect of Liuzhou in Guangxi Province donated to repair the memorial arch of Southern Ancient Temple. In the Tongzhi Period of Qing Dynasty, the memorial arch was burned in the war fires and Lei Zhengwan, the prefect of Shanxi and Gansu at that time resorted to reconstruction of it. Reconstruction was also resorted to in the period of People’s Republic. At that time, there were three advances of yards from up and down of the memorial arch along the mountain connected by more than ninety steps and there were 81 rooms altogether with a iron made mast with a height of 15 meters erecting by the gate (said to have been built by means of donation by Yang Yiqing, the general chief of three borders of Qing Dynasty). The memorial arch was destroyed in the period of “Cultural Revolution” and reconstruction was made in 1982.  

At present, the Memorial Arch of the Twenty Mile Store is located on the Wuyuan Mountain Dais with a height of more than fifty meters by the side of Qingshui River. The general architecture is magnificent but simple and unsophisticated. All the architectures are six advance with the first advance the gateway, the second yard, the third brick lane, the fourth inner gate, the fifth grave room and the last one the back yard. There are architecture means like building, pagodas, kiosks, pavilions, shinning walls and six angle Eight Diagrams and so on. The environment inside the yard is elegant and quiet with green pine trees.

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