The Scenic District of Longde City

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The downtown of Longde is located on the southern bank of Sweet Water River five kilometers far away from Liupan Mountain in the western direction. It is a place with wide physiognomy and the land is so flat that the soldiers can charge here. It had been always a soldier training place for previous generations. The site of Naxianzhi Ancient City of Qin and Han Dynasty is located in the range of the ancient town 15 kilometers away from the downtown of Pengyang County in the west direction. It was located in the center of the triangle plain on the northern bank of Ru River and the converging place of ru river with Renshan River. On the east, it is beside the Diangui Reservoir and faces Chaona Pool in the west direction and depends on Luojia Mountain in the north. It was surrounded by continuous mountains with a shape of dragon flying and tiger jumping. In the town, there are nearly one thousand arcs of fertile fields and the northern stream of Naihe Reservoir crosses the town with water rilling and trees green and butterflies and bees flying, which is really picturesque scenery.

In the winter of the ninth year of the People’s Republic, owing to an earthquake, the city wall as well as the gate building collapsed completely. In the 16th year of the People’s Republic, money was donated for repairing. The city wall is 12 meters high with a base width of 12.5 meters and a top width of 6 meters. The female city wall is 1.5 meters high with a buttress height of 1.5 meters. The moat is five floors wide and clean water was introduced into the moat. The east gate is named “Greenness Embracing”, the west gate is named “Mounting to Prosperity”, the southern gate is named “Greenness Drawing” and the north gate is named “Grace Welcoming”. The door is built in the shape of an arch and a double deck arch with a flying brim is built on the city building. Now only 1147 meters of the northern and southern city walls are still in preservation. The southern city wall built in the Ming Dynasty is still in preservation. In the southern part of the city, eight steles and pillars of the Merits and Virtues of the Buried Celebrities under the Tower of Guangji Zen Temple of Deshun State belonging to Jin Dynasty were unearthed.

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