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Gangca Temple

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The Gangca Temple is located between Dedanlengbao Mountain and Deqinwensang Mountain, where the Yikewulan River joins the Ennai River. It is a famous temple of Gelu style of Tibetan Buddhism and it was built in 1915. The temple was built at the foot of the mountain. Various styles of buildings are strewn at random. The temple is decorated with blue tiles and red walls with curling edges. All these make up of the great landscape in Gangca.

On 1981 April 5, the temple is reopened to the public. At first, a lacy white camp was used as a temporary hall for chanting Buddhist scriptures. The people actively gave alms to rebuild the temple at the relics, which covered an area of 528 square meters. The new hall for chanting Buddhist scriptures is more splendid than the original hall. Three white pretty dagobas were built in the east and west of the temple. On the ridge of the Great Hall, there are shining dharma, exquisite holy umbrella and running double deer. In the hall, the beams are carved, embroideries are around the posts, and mats are extended. There are hundreds of figure of Buddha placed in the wall, with smokes wreathing and lights illuminating forever. More than 30 frescos and more than 20 figures can be found in the hall. Figure “Duomuba” is worship in the middle, and “Deqinzhihua” figure and “Jiyaba” figure are on either side. The shelves on both sides thousands of figures are displayed in parallel. There are the figure of Master Zongkaba on the top and the figure of Panchen Erdeni at the bottom. At present, there are 43 monks in the temple.

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There is direct bus from the county seat to Gangca Temple.

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