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Qilian Mountain

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The Qilian Mountain is at an altitude between 4000 and 5000 meters above the sea level in average. The long and wide ice glacier terrain feature formed by the accumulated snow of the mountain is spectacular. Places above the altitude of 4000 meters are called the snow line and in general, only ice and snow could be found there and there is nothing of lives. However, above the snow line of Qilian Mountain, there are usually reverse bio-spectacle. In the shallow snow, there is snow-mountain meadow plant named Canzhui in the shape of mushroom. Moreover, there are precious herbals: High-mountain Snow Lotus, and one kind of snow grass that grows under wind-erosive rocks. Therefore, snow lotus, Canzhui and snow grass are called “the three friends of the winter” above the snow line of Qilian Mountain. The four seasons of Qilian Mountain is not distinct. The spring and summer here are not typical at all. The so-called “it snows in June in Qilian Mountain” is the portrayal of the climates and natural landscapes of Qilian Mountain.

The sights of the virgin forest scenic spot in Qilian Mountain are more charming. In summer, the green sea stretch beyond the horizon in the forest. In the virgin forest area of Qilian Mountain, there are 157,000 hectare (more than 2,000,000 cubic meters) forest resources. It is a large forest area of Qinghai Province. There are trees like spruces, Sabina chinensis, poplars and bushes like hippophae rhamnoides and hawkweeds. Besides, in the thick forest and the snow mountains of Qilian Mountain, there are a lot of loafing crowds of deer running and wandering around. The atmosphere here is wild and the environment is graceful.

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It will take you one whole day to take a bus from Xining to Qilian County. The bus fare is 36 Yuan. (The coach station is located on the northern end of Jianguo Road, 600 meters south of the railway station. The booking office of the coach station is also on Jianguo Road. Its telephone number is 8149506.) The cost of chartering a car is about 2 Yuan for each kilometer. You had better charter a vehicle in Xining as it is difficult to charter a vehicle in Qilian County.

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