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Qilian Stone Forest

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The stone forest is called the Foye Cliff by the local residents, and it is formed mainly with granites and granophyres. There is a lot of fun to visit the stone forest in mid-summer. You would find yourself in the heaven with the odd mountains, strange rocks, green pines and sea of clouds all around you. Clouds of rocks pose vividly in a wide variety in the sunshine. The Qilian stone forest is also known as “conglomerate stone forest”. When the body of the conglomerate mountain slides because of rain and some other external forces, the adhesive slurry in the conglomerate glues the conglomerate together to form fantastic landscapes. You can deeply feel the uncanny workmanship in the stone forest scene spot. It is told by the local Tibetan residents that the Qilian stone forest is 108 statues of Buddha, and pious Buddhists can still see 108 statues here, which equals to the number of the prayer beads in the Tibetan’s hands. Herdsmen passing by the stone forest will get down from their horses, kowtow, worship and sacrifice hada (a long piece of silk used as a greeting gift between the Tibetan and Mongolian Nationalities) to pray for the blessing of the God.

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There are direct buses in the Coach Station of Qilian County.

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