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Xianmi National Forest Park

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 Xianmi National Forest Park is situated in the eastern end of Menyuan Hui Autonomous County of Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinhai Province, which is 30 kilometers from Haomen Township of Menyuan County. It is 108 kilometers from Xining City. There are wide varieties of species and unique resources, combining biological landscape, hydrological landscape, geographic landscape and abundant Chinese culture together. The park is also a great summer resort. In late autumn, Xianmi National Forest Park is just like a mysterious and lovely girl, making it an ideal place for photography and tourism. In Xianmi Valley, the water in the Datong River winds down sharply and the sound of the wave is deafening. Beside the river, there are steep cliffs rising straight up and the pine, cypresses and birches shadowing the sun. There are birds singing and deer emerging in the forest. In summer, it is a green world. With brooks purling in the mountains and wild flowers blooming with a refreshing fragrance. In fall, the forest is painted mingled with red, yellow and green. In winter, everywhere is covered with silver adornment, making it fascinating.

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You can take a bus at the Coach Station of Menyuan Township or charter a bus on your own.

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one day

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