Folk Custom Village

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For those who are interested in learning more about the local ethnic tribes, their customs and traditions and their lifestyles, the Folk Custom Village is a great place to visit in the Haidong area. The village has been attracting a huge number of people over the last several years.

Highlights of Folk Custom Village

The Tu people 

The entire Folk Custom Village has over 100 families and the population of the village is more than 500. The Tu people are known for their traditional language and their singing and dancing skills. These locals also have their own festivals such as the Anzhaonadun festival. There are various activities involved in the festival such as the Anzhao dance, singing flowers, horse races and playing Lunziqui among others. 

The women 

The women in the Folk Custom Village are very dexterous. They are skilled at embroidery and have an inventive mind. The Tu people have their own arts and literature. They are rich in songs and stories and have many charming banquet songs, wedding songs and narrative poems. The women of the Tu minority wear costumes made from red, white, yellow, black and blue colors. These colors represent enthusiasm, auspiciousness, harvest, the earth and the blue sky. Due to this, the Huzhu county is often known as the rainbow hometown.

Overview of Haidong 

Haidong is located in the Qinghai Province in the zone between Lanzhou and Xining. It borders with Gannan, Linxia, Yongjing, Lanzhou, Yongdeng and Tianzhu in the east. The name of the Haidong was based on its location at the bank of the Qinghai Lake. Haidong is spread over an area of almost 13.2 thousand sq km with a 1.658 million population. It has an important place in the agricultural economy of the province. 

The ideal time to visit 

The Tu group of people has always been a fascination for visitors. The ethnic group has been existing for centuries before they became known to tourists. The ideal time to visit the Folk Custom Village is June through October. All of the festivals of the ethnic group are during this period such as the Nadun Festival, the Hua’er Gathering, Archery competition, the Hua’er Gathering and the Guanjing Gathering among various others. 

Tourist attractions 

There are several amazing tourist attractions in Haidong. Some of the major attractions in the area are the Jutan Temple, the Natural Protection Zone of Mengda or Xishuangbanna of the Qing-Tibet and the National Forest Park of North Mountains, often known as the natural animal zoo, plant museum and scenery jewel.
The Jutan Temple is a palace style, large scaled, temple from the Ming Dynasty which is well known for its colored, giant wall paintings. The wall painting is based on Sakyamuni Buddha’s life and is often called the Imperial Palace of China. Haidong is only 7.5 km from the Xining Caojiabao Airport. There are various connections available from Xining to Shenzhen, Shanghai, Lhasa, Geermu, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an and Beijing. Taxis and airport buses are easily available from and to the airport. 

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Haidong Prefecture, Jiading Town

How to Get There?

Getting to the Folk Custom Village is easy since direct buses are available in each county and each bus station. You can travel by train from the Ping’an Town’s train station. Several Qing-Tibet serving trains travel through Folk Custom Village, moving on to the east and to Beijing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou , Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Lhasa, Geemu and Xining. 

If you plan to travel by bus, allow enough time since the national highway 109 tends to be clogged with traffic. Branch roads and other highways such as Pinglin Highway and Lan Xi highway connect the Folk Custom Village to cities in and around the province.

Ticket Price:

CNY 60

Opening Hours:

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Recommended time for tourist: Half a day

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