Huzhu Tu Minority Tourist Area

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The Huzhu Tu Minority Attraction is located at the fringe of the Loess Plateau and Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in the Qinghai province. The county is the only autonomous one which is dominated in China by this group of ethnic minority.
The Tu minority people are known to be good at dancing and singing. Various folk festivals take place every year. The major festival here is the Hua’er Concert.

Highlights of Huzhu Tu Minority Attraction

General information 

The Huzhu Tu Minority Attraction is located in a county which enjoys a lot of unique, beautiful natural scenery due to its spectacular geographic location at the joint of Huangtu Plateau and Qingzang Plateau. Huzhu is situated 40 km from Xining. Mini buses are available from Xining to reach Huzhu. The travel time takes around one and a half hours. The charge is CNY 6 for the bus ride and buses depart every fifteen minutes. A taxi can also be hired at around CNY 80 for more convenience. 

The native Land Area

There are several great attractions to enjoy in the Huzhu Tu Minority Attraction. Among all of the attractions that can be found in the area, the Native Land Area is perhaps the most popular. This area lies in the town of Huzhu. It is considered the highlight for visitors. The local ethnic people here believe in Lamaism. They are known to be good at dancing and singing. A visit to this area will allow you to enjoy and appreciate the customs and ethnic culture of the local people

Exploring the Xiaozhuang Village

Another great place to visit is the Xiaozhuang Village. The village has an agricultural tourism’s demonstration village. Bus number 1 will take you to the village. The village is all natural and is inhabited by the Tu people. The colorful folk dresses and fancy embroidery is what visitors find most attractive about the village. The Guolong Temple or Youning Temple in Wushi County is located 35 ikm from Huzhu. It is a Tibetan Buddhism temple and has a 400 years old history. 

A national tourist location 

The Tu people are an ancient minority group which has lived and thrived for generations on this land, forming a distinct landscape. Several tourists from all over the world visit this area to enjoy the natural scenery and the human landscape of the Huzhu Tu Minority Attraction. The Huzhu Tu Minority Attraction is rated by the National Bureau of Tourism as an AAAA level site in the year 2001.

Distinct characteristics 

The Tu people believe in Lamaism and are known for their ethnic costumes, dancing and singing. The flower concert, according to their lunar calendar, is organized every year on 5th of May, 9th of September and 6th of June. Various other folk festivals can also be enjoyed. Over the years, the Tu people formed their unique culture. The sleeves of the women’s dresses are made from white, green, black, yellow, red and various other colors that resemble a rainbow. This is one of the reasons why it is often known as the rainbow hometown. 


There are various taboos that have to be avoided when you visit the Huzhu Tu Minority Attraction. Donkey meat, dog meat and horse meat is not allowed by the Tu people. Flower songs should not be sung and no song tapes must be played while you visit. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


40 Km from Xining City.

How to Get There?

The Huzhu Tu Minority Attraction is located 40 km from the Xining City. Every fifteen minutes, buses depart the bus stations. The ride is 90 minutes long and the tickets normally cost around CNY 6. A taxi can also be hired.

Ticket Price:

CNY 60

Opening Hours:

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Recommended time for tourist: a whole day or so

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