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North Mountain National Forest Park

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The North Mountain National Forest Park is a very popular summer resort for tourists. It is located in the Qinghai Plateau and is often called Grand View Garden.
The national park is well known for its lush natural beauty, its abundance of wild life, interesting flora and fauna. It is definitely a must-visit location for those who love nature in its finest form.

Highlights of the Park

The North Mountain National Forest Park is spread over an area of more than 400 sq km. It is often referred to as the North Mountain Farm and includes a huge range of beautiful views such as Monster Cave, Tiger Mouth, Heaven Pool, Huangyahuo and Eighteen Pan among various others. 

The attractions 

The older trees in the national park are lofty and tall. The fragrant and strong odor of pines pervade everywhere. There are deep valleys and high gorges dotted with beautiful flowers. The Tulou Mountain or North Mountain is more than 2000 years in age. Yongxing Temple was built on North Mountain at the site of the older shrine and was formerly known as Bei Chan Temple.

Historic sites 

The forest park is also home to a lot of historic sites and cultural relics such as outdoors Buddha, murals, caves, brick tower, Taoist Temples and many Buddhist temples. Among the precipices and cliffs there are nine holes and eight caves that are chiseled and scattered around. These have been added over time with paths and ladders passing through them. Miles of caves have been connected inside. Experts say that the park is home to 18 slanting caves and 39 straight ones.

Doumu Palace

Among all the attractions that can be found in the park, perhaps the most impressive is the Doumu Palace located in front of these caves. The palace is composed of porches and 17 large palaces. A statue of Doumu is located in the palace and is considered to be very magnificent and special with its eight arms and four heads. A plaque near the sculpture has the three “Tu Lou Guan” characters. At the entrance of the temple is Kui Xing Lou, the gate tower. This entrance is located on the left of the palace. 

Temples and shrines 

The temples and shrines located on the mountain and holy and cloaked in mystery. These temples and shrines are considered to be very strange, reflecting on one another. Relics of legends and mythology of Han Minority and Zang Minority exist here. The Guan Emperor’s temple was respected by the Confucians and considered to be the idol of emperor’s loyalty. The Taishanglaojun and Doumu temples were worshipped by the Taoists while the Kwan-yin and Sakyamuni temples were used by the Buddhists for worship. The Guan Emperor’s sculpture can be found inside a chiseled cave. 

Flora, fauna and landscape 

The national park is considered to be a very important part of the Qinghai Province since it is still completely intact. The vegetation found in the park is distributed vertically with separate, clear lines. Mesophorbium, alpine bush, hardwood forest and coniferous forest contribute jointly to the diverse and unique scenery of the forest.
The landscape is characterized by cliffs, hornstones, stone forests, special shapes of peaks, valleys and snowy mountains in the mountain landscape. The forest also has several beautiful spectacles, sights and wonders. It is home to several streams, lakes and waterfalls. It is considered to be a paradise of fauna and flora since it is home to over 1000 species of plants. 

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Qinghai Plateau, Hunzhu County

How to Get There?

The roads leading to the North Mountain are in the Hunzhu County. Private buses take tourists to the location each day.

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Recommended time for tourist: half a day or a whole day

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