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Qingshui Mountain Villa

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It is commonly called that “the Yellow River takes a turning in this area”, and it is strategically located and difficult of access, for it leans against Little Jishi Mountain bounded by the Yellow River on the south. The climate is warm, while the sun shines for a long time. In spring, summer and autumn, the scenic spot looks like a paradise, because it is shadowy all around and characterizing a fine spring day with plants and trees growing thickly, and it is broadly dotted with other scenic spots. The rock mountain massif of Little Jishi Mountain is vermeil carrying a straight, lofty and uncommon posture, and the rocks take various shapes such as pagodas, forts or erect rocks. Lofty red rocks reflect the crystal and green water, which forms beautiful scene with rosy clouds. At the foot of the hill, there is an abyss similar to crack shadowed by shade of trees, in which one stand seeing the sky only in the shape of curved moon, with the feeling of being in the paradise. There is a legend about its origin that it is reportedly a place for Tibetan living Buddha Xieji Yanggong practicing, which is of human landscape, anyhow. On the opposite, there is an attraction of crystal bay in the middle of the river called “treasure island”, all sides surrounded by water, which is the only exposed part of Yellow River bed within the county. On the island there are various-shaped stones of pebble-size and in Spring and Summer it is covered with grass and wild flowers, perched by many birds, which is like a colorful cloth floating on the river from far distance. Whenever on weekends or holiday, visitors put up tents to live, swim, fish, and slaughter animals for picnics or look for queer stones endlessly. Recently, to meet tourists’ need for entertainment, a cable car is to be built for crossing the Yellow River from the opposite onto the island, with more fun in risking.

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There are direct buses in Xunhuan County.

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