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Xiazong Temple

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Ruobeiduojie, the 4th living Buddha of Gemage sect and famous monk in Tibet, had stayed in Xiazong temple that was built at the end of Yuan Dynasty, when he obeyed the emperor’s call to Dadu which was the capital in Yuan Dynasty, by way of Ping’an. The founder of Gelu Sect of Tibetan Buddhsim Zong Kaba, guided by his father, took his ordainment in the temple at the age of three. Many famous monks in Qinghai Area had practiced Buddhism here, thus, the temple is well known in Qinghai Area and becomes the famous temple in the Tibetan Buddhist circles. There were over 400 palaces and houses lived by monks at its peak. The whole temple is built along the cliffs, and the Cave on the site of temple is of imposing scale. The best place to command a view is Bagua Pavilion, which was built in the reign of Qianlong Emperor and on a mountain peak behind a hall.

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It is situated in a place 28 kilometers south off the 1924.8th kilometer of NO.109 National Road. In 2005, the newly built Panshan road stretches to the temple gate.

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Recommended time for tourist: half a day

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