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YangJuangou Gongbei

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As one of the eastern entrances to Angulu Gongbei in Xunhua, Yangjuangou Gongbei, with 800-year-old history and an area of 240 kilometers, seated in the north facing the south, was in honor of four Taoist ancestors’ great morality by Muslims through igniting incense which is still popular now. The building is in the shape of domed vault, with 18 cerement stone pillars among which 17 arch doors form naturally supporting the large round pagoda in the top, and on the walls are moral poems about Naturism and humanity by pious Muslim followers excessively, which represents typical Arabic style on the whole. Gongbei is surrounded by mountains, whose slopes are covered by green grass, wild blossoms, rare animals and bizarre stones in varied shapes because of rain and wind-erosion, and unique Danxia landform. It is formed by nature that mushroom-like stone pillars stand by the mountain, the soil red high-rising tower into the blue sky, abysses in the valley interlock with each other, and the surfaces of mountain present different colors in accord with sunshine onto different sites during the daytime that in the morning it is pink, at noon gray and in the sunset peach blow. More surprised, at the foot of Gongbei there is a spring, crystal and clear, endless all year round, with a beautiful legendary origin. There is no difference between the other springs; however, through the bottom water it is startling to find that every several or ten seconds a cluster of varied silver bubbles like pearls emerge from the slims of stones in the bottom, uprising continuously, sometimes in a certain place or more, or sometimes in the center of the spring, or sometimes non-stop. Pearl spring, Gongbei and all round mountain reflecting each other form a splendid attraction at the foot of the south mountain, which attracts many Muslins followers from Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and Xinjiang, as well as visitors for pilgrimage or sightseeing both at home and abroad.

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There are direct buses going there in Xunhuan County.

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for a whole day

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Recommended time for tourist: about a whole day

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