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Youning Temple

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Youning Temple, with the full name of Guolong Milezhou Temple in Tibetan language and Guolong Temple for short, is a holy place of Tu People in Huangshui Valley, Qinghai Province and regarded as “the mother of temples in Huangbei”. According to lunar calendar, every February 2nd the temple holds Request Sermons Ceremony that lasts fifteen days. Tu People are loyal believers in Lamaism, therefore, it is the most important thing at the beginning of a new year to visit Buddhism books and attend lectures given by eminent monks, of which the climax is “Tiao Shen” activity. The activity in the temple was learned in the 9th year of Yongzheng Emperor by 3rd Songbu Living Buddha Gaixibanjue’er from Tibet and passed down to now.       

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1. There are regular buses to Fifty Town every hour, and remember to remind drivers of stopping at the entrance to the earth road to Youning Temple which is of about ten minutes’ walk to get there. 2. There are two routes to Youning Temple: one is to Youning Temple By way of Huzhu County; the other is to take highway and get off at Ping’an, then first walk 100 meters to the west and then over 20 kilometers to the south. The forgoing routes form a circle.

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