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Haidong Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/10

Haidong Overview

Haidong, with the full name of the Administrative Bureau of Haidong Prefecture of Qinghai province, situated in the northeast of Qinghai province, is named after its geographic location that it lies to the eastern Qinghai Lake. With a total area of 17,010 square kilometers and the population of over 2,130,000, Haidong bounds to Gansu Province on the east and surrounds the Capital Xining on the west.

Because of the considerably varying elevations, the big difference in climatic geographical distributions and notable vertical changes, the area enjoys unique natural scenery and overflows with resources.?

Tu ethnic folklore is another attraction in the area. There exists not only the unique ethic folklore nurtured by Tu People for thousands of years, but also a mystery of disaster happened four thousand year ago that earthquake, storm and flood and sorts of natural disasters burst out in a flash, as a result, a tribe was buried and a kind of culture discontinued.