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BFA International Conference Center, which officially opened on September 22, 2003, is the permanent venue of Boao Forum for Asia. Jiang Zheming, former president of China, offered his calligraphy for the name of the Conference Center. The conference building is the very place that has witnessed the establishment and growth of the Boao Forum for Asia and chronicled the historical moment of the Forum"s inaugural annual meeting.

The BFA International Conference Center is located at the east tip of the water town of Boao, facing the stretch of the Wanquan River that merges with the sea. In front of the Conference Center there are two large fountain pools with a giant globe sitting in the middle of the circular pool, water cascading over the globe from the top, presenting a spectacular scene.

Inspired by a Chinese subject matter of ancient coin, the Conference Center is square in the inner ring and round on the outer ring, signifying fraternity and inclusiveness of Asian people and countries and a level playing field for them all.

When seen from the sky, the circular-shaped Conference Center is artfully set out alongside with the Softel Hotel like a huge wheel of a colossal ship. While others think they are like a bow and an arrow ready to take off.

The Conference hall can host 200 people. It boasts of computer-controlled lighting, acoustics, in-house audio-visuals and translating as well as simultaneous interpreting options in seven languages.

The banqueting hall on the first floor can host 1500 at one time, and it is surrounded by 20 small-sized conference rooms with a capacity of 50 to 200 people each.

Boao's commitment to "Going -Digital" projects has seen the telecommunications facilities used for the annual event upgraded to the world-class level. Boao is now boasting of a massive storage, high-speed and safe telecommunications network supported by broad/narrow band data networks, data exchange network, fibre-optic cable network and so on.

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