Crown Spa Resort Hainan

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The Crown Spa Resort Hainan locates in the Dongying coastal development zone of Qiongshan area in Haikou city, Hainan province. The hotel covers 99,486 square meters, consisting of Apollo hotel, Athena hotel, Poseidon hotel, ancient Rome outdoor bathing place, international conference center and other supporting facilities. The spring hotel is built under the five-star Imperial Crown hotel’s standard (belonging to the Liuzhou Hotel Co. Limited), which is the only five-star hotel with 800 meters’ coastline and natural hot spring in Hainan province.

The Imperial Crown Hotel combines different cultures together, where you could feel flavors of Thailand, Caribbean and Bali. Pavilions and water add beauty to each other, intensifying the elegance of the garden. Exquisite art and traditional European architecture are its main essences, showing the garden style and the natural environment of the hotel.

In the year 2005, the Crown Spa Resort Hainan gained the honorary title of “one of the ten most popular hotels in China”. Actually, it has been keeping two records listed in the Guinness World Records: one is the largest holiday inn with most completed facilities, the other one is the largest indoor hot spring treatment center in the world. The hotel covers 10,000 square meters in, consisting of five main constructions of Mediterranean style. There are about 330 rooms in total, together with several large-scale conference centers.

Apollo Center:

The Apollo center is the core of the whole hotel, consisting of luxurious rooms, rest halls, cafés, business centers, Chinese restaurants, conference rooms, gyms, small supermarkets and so on. The Athena and Poseidon hotels stand on the two sides of the Apollo hotel, which has 678 rooms including 398 standard rooms, 114 luxurious rooms and 136 unit rooms. Luxurious furnitures, famous-brand electrical equipments and standard guest stuffs are in the rooms. 90 percent of the rooms are sea-sight viewers, you could enjoy the beautiful scenery in your room.

The Ancient Rome Spring Bathing Place:

The Ancient Rome Spring Bathing Place is the largest indoor hot spring bathing pool in the world for now, with abroad styles and flavors. The beautiful vault and carving art fit the name “Ancient Rome” very well. You could choose various bathing here, including natural hot spring bath, medicinal bath, sand bath, mud bath, flavor bath, physical treatment and massage, and the like. At the same time you could enjoy the singing and dancing shows on the water, which could release you from grand pressure.

International Conference Center:

The international conference center is another important construction here, which has a stable framework and steel structure. Multiple-function hall, banquet hall and the advanced simultaneous interpretation services make it a top-class international conference center.

About the greening, world-wide famous expert designed the whole work, which covers 62.7% of the hotel garden. Tropical plants are main foliages here, assorting by lawn, horticulture and sculptures. What’s more, a huge investment was put into the plant exchange project along the coastline, which made up a tropical garden. The large-scale outdoor swimming pool connects the beach, where you could enjoy the charm of the sea while swimming. Sunbath site, yacht club, children’s playground, tennis court and lots of other entertainment places are waiting for your participation.

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